What Is The Ultimate Nigerian Love Song? The Top 20!! Let’s Vote


So we’ve been able to tally up all the comments and things and come up with the top 20 nigerian love songs. Remember this is input from the audience and so if a song you feel should be on the list is not, then it probably wasn’t suggested.

Something to note; We are aware of those who commented multiple times for one song, and we counted such comments just once. We tried our best to cut out the “cheating” but it’s not 100% foolproof.

Anyways, this is all for fun and is not supposed to be too serious so without too much gist let’s get right into it.

This phase is simple. Just vote for the song you believe is the Ultimate Nigerian Love Song.

Poll closes in a week.

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  1. No song can beat african queen.That song is ever green and stand d test of time in that no matter any new song dat cums out,it still cant beat.BTW where is 9ice's wedding day,everything with tiwa savage and everyday

  2. O! Why weren’t Cherem by DixLow on tha vote list?

    That’s a legendary song in Jos and most all across the entire North. Arrrrhhh!


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