Video: Swag TV Exclusive Interview With Bracket


Nigerian music duo, Bracket were in the UK when the folks from SWAG TV were able to catch up with them for an interview. Bracket’s latest single “Muah Muah” has been making its waves all over the globe, and the duo is set to release another single in a few days titled “Me & You”… Be sure to look out for that right here on

For now check out the interview with the SWAG TV peoples

SWAG TV envisions a new generation of young Africans who have their own icons to look up to and aspire to be like . The show is a platform for the younger generation to get up close and personal with these icons.

SWAG is an acronym that stands for Something We Africans Got. SWAG TV is the baby of former beauty Queen, now celebrity presenter Primrose Mutsigiri. SWAG SHOW is a subsidiary of SWAG TV.The show is a platform to celebrate achievers of African decent in the industries of arts, sports and entertainment. The SWAG show is fun filled and casual in its form. The show will focus on the stars’achievements, lifestyles, homes, cars, investments, relationships, up-to date stories and all the juicy gossip.

The debut interview on the SWAG Show was with the famous award winning Duo Bracket, the “Yori Yori”boys from Nigeria. Hear about their latest projects, their history, their love lives and even got to see what colour boxers they where wearing.

The SWAG Show is currently an online show which will be broadcast on African cable TV in the near future. SWAG TV is the new age platform to show the world “Something We Africans Got!”




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