Video Premiere:D’banj – (Endowed Remix )Ft Snoop Dog


The most anticipated video of the year, Endowed remix ft Snoop Dogg. A lot of people thought it was a fallacy when donjazzy posted the pic. We watched the promo video…”UNCLE SNOOP”. This might end up being the best video of the year!… Let’s see.
This is a valentine Gift From Mohits Crew. Enjoy……..

[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]


  1. It’s cool but snoop Just fey do him thing making his money.

    But it’s cool but we got to ask outself if we need this kind of distraction in nigeria

    Taking us away from the real African tributes and women showing their body!!! Like I said it looks good but this things can distract people from the truth of life

    • Seems you are one of those people that make we nigerians looks like its true that we are eaten raw meat..Man Grow up and stay update…If you aint like the paparazi then shut down your tv partner

  2. But I don't understand why people are jumping up and down about this video. This is nothing but cheap publicity and money wasted on snoop that is getting washed up. Call it hating if you like, nah that one concern u.

  3. After all the hype, I think the video is no different from another regular video. Kudos sha, but if you take snoop away from the equation the video becomes like any other video.

  4. I'm sure snoop was dancing because Don Jazzy & dbanj just gave him $50,000, and he hasn't seen that money recently. Why he no go dance? lol

    • get a life,he featured on katy perry song that was #1 on billboard for weeks and raked in lots of nominations,his name alone still dey open doors if u no like the music then it really tells more abt ur state of mind,u seriously the one that needs the dough,we talking abt global recognition here so mallam go mosque or go settle the unrest in the north

  5. Why is it that Nigerians can sound so narrow minded even with the use of slang. Since when has personal opinion or genuine criticism become "hating"? This was a regular video- nothing more! So you have naked women dancing around and a few flashy cars with money (which must be picked up o!) sprayed around- so what. We've see it countless of times- na lie? So what is the hating in saying it is your stereotypic and cheap publicity video? Okay Snoop was there. Snoop na Jesus?- ABEG!!!!!!

  6. Can 'Post a Comment' please be taken away from this Nigerians… all they do is hate.. watch video clap for boy.. if you think you are better or they did not do it well… go do your own!!!!!!
    In the famous words of Jay Z 'if you made me, go make another'…. Haba! Naija HATE squad!

  7. well na nice video e no easy oooo, d banj no use mouth do am at list we see snoop dog for the video, and naija flag na good thing he is making us proud. no matter what ppl must talk. so fuck all you haters. d banj is endowned nothing una fit do about am.

  8. All haters should somersault and die! This was not about the song or the video, it was about the collaboration and opening up Naija music to an entire new population of people.

  9. Kelz ur just a limited edition mumu…so people cant have their opinion about the video anymore? Well i think the video was an EPIC FAIL, the song was already wak and sorry even adding snoop dogs voice to the track could not resurrect the song. The video lacked creativity…if this is how we want to open our music to other populations then we are on a longggg thing…naked women, money, and 3 men doing the same ole 2 step aint gonna cut it. It looks like a typical hip-hop video. The only thing nice about the video is its HD quality. Mohits just spent thier entire paycheck in snoop doggs backyard…smdh. ….#datisall

    • Spoken too correctly!!! You couldn't be more right. How has having an opinion become "hating". Very mediocre video- just okay. Can't understand the fuss about it honestly.

    • Well when you do something that is on the same scale as D'Banj, then you can open that your dirty mouth and yahn dust…i

      Is it not his money that he has earned to pay for Snoop? Can you even afford a Snoop CD, let alone the man himself?

      It was a hip hop video, not a Christian video, so what else is there to expect but naked women, money and 3 man doing the same ole 2 step (that's what commercial hip hop is all about)

      Abeg, when you can do as D'Banj, then open your mouth, until then stick to what you know. KMT

      • Kelz…i can see you have the IQ of a golf ball. So because i have my opinon about the video u wan give urself Hypertension….tah! my friend go and gbensh cactus.

  10. OMG, loadz of critics. personally, i waz slightly disapointd bout d video cz of hw it was rili hyped. Its nt bad though, compared 2 d videoz of dem baba fryo n dadi showkey bak den. we ar stepin up musically n i fink its a gud 1. d'banj pliz posh up ur lyriks, dey r wai 2 local 4 ur musical status.

  11. Well,both d’banj,mr endowed nd snoop really tryed in d video but exposeing young ladies is totally wrong,i thinck d ladies are insane cos d 3 musician cant date them talk more of marrying them. I said d video is ok cos of d COSTUME only.thanks

  12. My reality check is simple,there’s a fierce contrast between the impressario that our SO CALLED endowed artistes, masons, enthusiasts, haters and fans exhibit AND the all seeing eye – GOD!

  13. Everyone is free to post what ever he or she thinks.despite that we nigerian should learn to appreciate good works of people not only music. Snooping is one of the big guys in music doing a collabo with such is a great work.moreover dbanj is not the first person to use such girlz , so y the criticism

  14. I believ da xpectations were high but seriously, doing a music video wit snoop is worth it. We in Gh are luvn da Naija flava!


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