VIDEO: Olawumi – Alone


Returning to her Soulful throne in this Afro-futuristic themed video, Olawumi has proven herself to be the feisty songbird we’ve all grown to love. In her video for “Alone”, an upbeat ballad produced by NBHD Nate, we get to see Olawumi in what appears to be her natural habitat — on the phone, laughing and yelling with a nail file ready to go. Directed by Brggs, and co-directed by Olawumi herself, this video is sure to give you a great laugh, a fun song to have stuck in your head, and most importantly, some cool visuals that show off Olawumi’s dedication to color-blocking and minimalism.

Olawumi explains the making of the video herself:
“I had a lot of fun making this video. We wanted something fun, funny, and real. I feel like a lot of the time my music is too sad, or too serious for a fun video, so I was excited to finally kick back and be my other self; the silly, colorful Olawumi. Sometimes we have to kick “Ola-gloomy” to the side and bring the energy through the screen. It was truly an intimate experience that displays who I really am.”


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