Video: Factory78 Exclusive Interview With RuggedMan… Discusses Beef With 9ice


You must’ve been living under a rock if this is the first time you’re hearing about Ruggedman vs 9ice featuring Toni Payne. The controversy has been playing on for the past year and a half now, and it seems like something keeps coming up. The folks at Factory78 were able to grab RuggedMan for an interview, and along with other things he discusses and breaks down the whole beef thing with 9ice and the Toni Payne issue.

Taaaaaalllkkk….Hayam listening“… and RuggedMan does just that. Enjoy.

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  1. Abegiii Ruggedman is not making sense on this. He says 9ice was using controversy to sell records, but you're doing the same cos no one would've remembered you without this controversy…

    • he is a fool….may be he forgot that he started his career with beeffin ppl…..(eh en)
      i believe he did it or about to do it or av done it b4…if nt,y would he cal tony payne if she got tatoo…..????
      dat me he called to confirm wot he never saw or av seen or to confirm if she got another new tatoo i think.
      Rugged..get a life and allow my man 9ice to get himself back cos u av diverted him from GRAMMY AWARD he is working towards..peace

  2. 9ice is fkd up n realy nids 2 apologise 2 every1 frm Toni to rugged to cabasa to jahbless to 2phat to evry 4kin persn

  3. Mr Rugged sharaaaaaaaap u no remember we u dey beef eedris abdulkareem and maintain bois i felt like choping ur head off with cutlass dat time but o jelo dat timeobody talk now u dey talk about ice beefing u u dey talk say a u make 9ice wat he is today are u God.u berra go and ask for forgiveness from God for dat statement dat u made somebody .we u started did u make it all byurself?in life.if not for God dat made ur first beef album not on anybodys side but uve really made a big mistake by doing dis beef wit 9ice u berra just stop it and face ur career.

  4. i don't know why Rugged man keep conversing people about this issue because the deed has been done already, is of no need to be telling people that this that is what happened.We all know who this girl is,a girl of no good antecedent so i don't see reason why he should be crying over spilt milk.this man your friendship with 9ice has go sour for now and there's nothing you can do to it .please stop telling us you helped him it is normal because it has be predestine that you will be the link man between 9icceand his former wife .if you did not llink him then it is sure another man will surely do.try to stop your can of worms.thank you Mr Ruggedy A.K.A the TRASH CAN.

  5. Stop telling us story Mr Rugged because the deed has been done already .it just that 9ice got carried away we all know this girl, that she of no good antecedent nobody is above mistake let 9ice be, because your friendship with this man has go sour and there's nothing you can about it mind you it has been predestine that 9ice will pass through you so stop telling us this that is what has happened such is life.Stop covering yourself and enough of conversing you know what went wrong. try and make some research about the matter nobody is really interested in any of your comment.9ice made mistake in marrying Tony because he knew from the onset but all the it been destined that 9ice will rise to the top the he has risen,one more thing rugged man if you don't link 9ice then to Tony another person will definitely link him so stop the belief that you are the one who made him you are not, 9ice is from God and so also you are been used by this God .you are a messenger of good fortune stop thinking you are so important to the extent of coming out bold that you made 9ice .All your songs you sang are all abusive go and check your self the very first time i got to know you in the music industry was with song of condemnation when are going stop all these? please think of other things to do stop believing you so special.try and come up something nice that people hear and a change of mind about you think now before it get too late .

  6. rugged man or wat did u call urself, u bif bif u better stop dat.u dont have futur day why u are bifing fourk u for dat ur world dat u made some1 wat is is sad boy.

  7. Rugged, shut up and go sit somewhere. U made nobody! God made him and just used u for his journey. Get on your knees and bow down to a brother that’s greater than you! 9ice, yesterday, today and forever. I don’t think I know any of your songs apart from the one u beefed idris and the one with 9ice dat if not for 9ice would be shit anyway. Guy ur wacK

  8. Ruggedman is pure logic. From how he speaks one can tell that he is an intelligent man. In life there are always two ways to do things, the matured way and the immature way of doing things. 9ice chose to go about things in an immature manner, so he is on his own.

    I was never really a fan of either of them before, but now I can honestly say that 9ice did not try AT ALL!!!!! If you have done something wrong then for God's sake admit it and move on. Don't subject others to the consequences of your own stupidity.

  9. which way na, 9ice! U no no god-fada again? Abi dey no teach u morals? U no suppose dey beef na, rmber ur culture. Ruggd u self u dey brag 4 y na? Ahhh

  10. B!.:if u know dat in life there’s two way to do things then u should also know dat in life, you should also listen to both sides of the story before u start making judgements! . This fool’s about to release an album that really is not gonna go far, thus the reason for using this beef as a marketing tool. Fucking guy.

    • It takes two to tango , mr. man. Was I the only one who actually watched this interview? Didn't you see how he used his wife and rugged as a marketing strategy? Come on. Even if you say that rugged is releasing an album and using the beef as a marketing tool, the fact still remains that 9ice did it first.
      Whoever wants to cry foul must come with clean hands… simple.
      Another thing 9ice has not said anything so far and he won't say anything because he knows that the whole brouhaha of Toni P. and Rugged was a lie. Even if you ask him, he won't say anything because he knows that when the truth comes out, he won't have a leg to stand on. Try and reason, people,


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