VIDEO: F.Shaw – Aiye Ma Da Fun Mi


“First released sometime in 2009, I know it’s a little weird for the video to be out now but that’s the life of an indie artiste. It takes time to put out a decent record and takes even more time to fund a visual for it but no complaints we do it because we love it.

I was out in the city of London and I just fell in love with “life” and “living”. The simple things you know; trees, people, conversations at barbershops and generally just happy people on the streets.

I was inspired to put together a small video for this song by my state of mind at the time. Aiye Ma Da Fun Mi in Yoruba means “life will be good for me” and the statement is nostalgic because my grandmother used to say it/still says it as a form of prayer “eeni si ile wo…aiye aada fun yin” meaning “the good lord will order your steps…life will be good for you”.

We all know the problems/challenges we face in Nigeria. Crabs in a bucket, everyone struggling hard to get by on a daily basis and in this record I believe is a message of hope, which we must hold on to because when we lose hope, we truly lose everything”.

Produced by the wonderful Tee-Y Mix, please enjoy

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″][/youtube]



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