VIDEO: Ellyman – Got The Money (Dir. Unlimited L.A)


“Got The Money” – ‘Anything you want me to do / I go do am for you. Anything you need me to do, i go do am for you…” Ellyman sings and he’s right. The Imo Records signed act latest debut remains one of his finest works and he conducted it with effortless authority.

Ellyman seems more like an audacious pioneer than one among many, he’s working hard to reposition pop as a high art. He hatched himself from a semi-translucent egg on his latest debut.

‘Got The Money’ is prove Ellyman did it his way, the track has this dance-hall feel, it’s preoccupied with fame and stardom. It’s theatrical emphasis, visual – made sense for Ellyman both for his voice and his fantastical visual taste.

He stated clearly at his Press Conference that he’s got some more materials to dish out in the coming months. A move towards singer-songwriter earnestness now – with lyrics penned by the Imo Recording act, Ellyman and visual-production by Unlimited LA shows a purposeful expression of seriousness, professionalism and maturity.


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