VIDEO: BoyBreed |Slowly


What guy out there doesn’t desire his girl to flow from the very center of the action, the party action?
And yet you want your girl’s every pattern to follow some definable rhythm, some pre-ordered shape, like a Romani bellydance, in time, some progression a guy can walk into the dancehall and holler, “that’s what I’m talking about!”

For us, that is perfection.

And the girls know that.

Reality is when some of these girls are influenced by the sweetness of the music, the seductive atmosphere of the party, they get so carried away they flow out of rhythm, off key. Off time.

But “you can’t rush at perfection.”

That’s what fast rising, twin recording artistes—Nnamdi and Frank Amajuoyi—aka Boybreed, are saying in “Slowly.” You wanna get attention, you wanna take us on a new dimension, you wanna get all the mention for your act, but to really get it you gotta come at it slowly. Easy. To the left, to the right, in the action. In time. Slowly.

It’s what they’re saying. And it’s what the rhythm and progression of “Slowly” are doing for them.

Why don’t you see it in the video.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″][/youtube]


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