Two To Review: Terry G – Oga, Tipsy – Love


Happy Sunday my beauriful people. It’s another great sunday and time for our weekly review of 2 of the nicest tracks released over the past week.

This week we take our reviewing wahala to 2 joints from Terry G & Tipsy respectively. Let’s get to it.

Terry G – Oga

In all honesty the track starts off as noise my ears, but as it goes on, it gets better and better and eventually gets very catchy.

Terry G pays tribute to all the Ogas with this track, and in typcial Terry G fashion does it in a way that’ll make him a very rich man at any event he performs at.

As stated the earlier, the song starts off very loud and noisy, and if you’re not very patient it’s easy to hit that skip or stop button. The beat is decent enough, and lyrically the song is nothing great, but all the hailings and energy Terry G brings into the song makes it an enjoyable listen. Simply put, the song makes you happy. The saxophone infuse makes work very well.

Rating: 6/10

Listen here


Tipsy – Love

Tipsy is grossly underrated in my honest opinion. She might not be the greatest femcee in the land, but somehow she makes the ‘sweetest’ music among her peers.

The beat to this song set the tone for the rest of tune. It almost forces your hips to start moving even if it’s against your will, and Tipsy does pretty well of staying inline with the beat lyrically. Nothing too fancy, just keep the flow going.

Overall the track makes for a pleasurable listening experience, and the only down side (a significant one) might be the production quality which takes away from the song quite a bit. Besides that, it’s a catchy song that should get steady spins… If the OAPs are being fair.

Rating: 7/10

Listen here


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