Two To Review: Mela – Call On Me, 2face – Dance Floor Remix ft. Sarkodie & Cabo Snoop


No need to reintroduce this column, here’s the idea.

Mela – Call On Me

That moment you hit play on a song you haven’t heard of or heard of the artist and you actually like. This is one of those songs. I haven’t heard of Mela before, and hitting play was going to be an adventure, and after listening I was pretty impressed.

First thing that strikes me about the song is his vocals. Great vocals can do good things to a song, and this is what happens here from Mela. The lyrics are also very solid, and you get the impression there was some work put into it. The infusion of igbo towards the end is also really nice.

If there’s a down side to the song it is that the production could’ve been crisper, but for a debut single, it’s very impressive.

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen here


2face Idibia – Dance Floor Remix ft. Sarkodie & Cabo Snoop

The original of this song was already a nice joint and certified hit (as most songs on the album), so the only thing 2face had to do on this remix is not do too much and mess it up. The beat stayed the same, the general melody stayed the same so that’s a plus.

Sarkodie has a way of making any joint he’s on increase in value, and he did his thing on it, as 2face did.

Cabo snoop somehow didn’t live up to the standards Sarkodie & 2face set on the track and the song kinda takes a bit of downer towards the end. The other thing I would’ve liked to see is some new lyrics from 2face. Even though I like that the general idea didn’t change, I would’ve liked a different verse from 2face than the one on the original.

Overall though, the song is going to do what it was designed to do – Get peeps on the dance floor. That hasn’t change.

Rating: 7/10

Listen here



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