Two To Review: Matronomy – Ekabo, WizKid – Sweet Potato


New series on deck! Two To Review is a new column I’m starting to begin reviewing & rating music that has been released over the past 7 days. In today’s blogging world, every song is tagged as a “smash” or “dope” and if we’re really being honest with ourselves, we’ll know that most of those statement are very untrue.

Every Saturday I’ll be grabbing 2 songs released over the previous week and provide some honest feedback and rating, and allow users to rate also. Some from unknown acts, some of established acts, and some from rising stars. Whatever floats my boat that week. Without some criticizing, we wont progress in the music game.

The views expressed in the column is strictly that of Aribaba & not necessary those of

Enough long story, here goes:

Matronomy – Ekabo

Maytronomy is an act, in my opinion, that shows a lot of promise and potential to “blow” but hasn’t quite gotten over the hump for one reason or another. The new track Ekabo by most standards is pretty decent; Solid beat, very catchy hook. The lyrics on the other hand is lacking a bit. For someone like Maytronomy, who is a good writer, the verses seem watered down and very basic, and not anything I would remember after a few hours save a few lines here and there.

Overall it’s a decent song from Maytronomy, but as a fan, it makes for a good listen every so often, but I might not be searching for it on my playlist. Especially knowing the talent he clearly has.

Rating: 6/10


WizKid – Sweet Potato

Every wizkid song has that weird potential to become a hit even when it doesn’t show initially. But on the flipside, some of his songs have tendencies of being completely failures. It’s hit or miss with Wizzy.

This song, after a few listens, I’m tending to put in the category of “wont make it past 1 month.” First off, the lyrics are just too plain. WizKid is not really known for heavy lyrics, but this is even below what we’re used to from him. Secondly, the hook gets monotonous and boring after a while; “Sweet Potato, Personal Person” over and over again. Thirdly the beat is also pretty generic. Almost feels like I’ve heard it before.

However this song was put together, it’s not anything one will remember in the new future. Thank goodness it’s an “unofficial” song.

Rating: 4/10

That’s it for today. Share your thoughts, and let me know if I’m crazy. 😀


  1. Aribaba you’re making sense on here. Wizkid said it wasn’t his song officially but still that thing was wack man. 4/10 is generous. nah 2/10 i for give am

  2. Exactly my thoughts on Maytronomy. Although I don’t think the hook was THAT catchy. Decent effort though. As for Sweet Potato? Die hard fans’ll claim it’s tight, yeah, Wiz is acheiving cult status here but this song just doesn’t cut it. Even when Wiz is repetitive (as he usually is) it’s melodic and endearing. This was nothing of the sort. And the beat? Well his name is Victorious Icon so… Better luck next time

  3. Every single second invested analyzing this review is rewarding.

    You gained another subscriber. I praise you for
    preparing an informative report.


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