Two To Review: Davido – One Of A Kind, Retta Rich – Kolo for You (Remix) ft. Eva, Phyno & Casey ED


Happy Sunday peoples! I know most of us will be consumed with the survival sunday activities so I go talk too much long story. This week we’ll be talking about songs from Davido & Retta Rich.

Let’s go!

Davido – One Of A Kind

Davido is one of the hottest names in the music game, and for right reasons. Musically he’s gifted. One of those peeps that just have IT, even when they don’t try.

His new track, One Of A Kind by all standards is a decent song, and one that could get enough play to become a hit. For some reason though, it’s not crazy hot! It’s not ‘ghen ghen’ if you know what I mean. One of the problems of following a heavy hit like Gobe is that the next track could end up not being as hot or the bar was set too high.

There’s nothing wrong with the track One Of A Kind (none I could think of), but it didn’t have that Davido extra thing that we’re accustomed to. Simply put, it’s just good enough.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Retta – Kolo For You Remix ft. Eva, Phyno & Casey ED

Raise your hand if you missed Retta! Yes you did, admit it. I know I did.

Whoever had the idea to remix this song should gets a big thumb up, and an even a bigger thumbs up for remixing it perfectly. The original song was a fan fav, and that was the song that put her on the lips of many in Nigeria.

The remix with Eva, Phyno & Casey D worked very well (especially Eva’s piece – Heavy!). The feature combo, the uptempo house music-ish/pop beat, and of course Retta’s clean vocals just make this one that will occupy playlists for a while. I can already feel myself drunk in the club creating many memories. All it needs now is dope video 🙂

Rating: 8/10

Listen Here


  1. What’s up wif all these haterz??? The song is amazing, “phyno tha playmaker” became “phyno tha lovemaker,” and eva?? Perfect. Wonderful beat too. Song on point joor!!!!


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