Two To Review: Zeez – Sankolo + Efya – Forgetting Me



It’s Friday people! Let’s celebrate the coming of another weekend right? Right!

This week we’re going to review songs from 2 artists who are not quite as hot as the big names but still have a solida track record of songs and a core fan base.

Zeez – Sankolo

DJ Zeez has tried hard to replicate his hits from the days of Fokasibe and Bobbee FC without major success, and unfortunately this one wont be changing that trend either.

The tune, Sankolo comes off as unoriginal, monotonous, and the cliche Nigerian Kpangolo dance tune. Having said that, the song could possibly make for good background music at a joint somewhere, but I really don’t see anyone looking for it. For someone like Zeez, you expect much better.

Rating: 4/10

Listen Here


Efya – Forgetting Me

Efya has the voice of angel! So great is her voice, that she actually has to try to make a bad song. It almost doesn’t matter if she sings the alphabet song, you’d want to listen. This song though has some nice lyrics we can all relate to.

The vocals as expected are above average, the lyrics are nice, and the melody and production do well to drive the content of the song home. The only down side to the song is that it sounds like something we might have heard before, but is there really anything new under the sun? We’ll excuse Efya for that.

Overall! Very nice song, and it’s already on my ipod playlist.

Rating: 8/10

Listen Here


Review by Aribaba [@aribabaj]


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