Two To Review: KCee – Fine Face + Kheengz – Red Cups & Shisha Pots



Happy Easter people! This past friday was good Friday and the beginning of Easter Weeekend and because of all the festivities and enjoyment, I wasn’t able to jump in and do a review. Better late than never right?

Today we’re jumping on tunes from Kcee and a hot rapper from the north, Kheengz.

KCee – Fine Face

KCee has a spectacular 2013, and was definitely looking to replicate that success in 2014. This single, Fine Face is his first official single of the year and one that was released on his birthday. From listening, you can tell KCee decided to stick with his winning formula without deviating too much or experimenting.

The beat of the song is very reminiscent of Limpopo, and the chorus has the potential to be extremely catchy. Like I said earlier, it’s a script that has won KCee a lot of fans, and he went with the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” idealogy. The lyrics are a bit uninspiring, and you wont remember it much after listening, but for the purpose of the song maybe it doesn’t.

Overall it’s a song that’ll get spins at the clubs, bar, weddings etc, and you will dance. The song is good enough to do that. Whether or not it’ll be a hit if up for discussion. Some of these things are hard to predict, but I’ll lean towards it making a good run.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Kheengz – Red Cups & Shisha Pots

Kheengz has been one of the buzzing names in Nigerian hip-hop over the past 18 months, and his song Jealous with MI turned a lot of heads in the game. He’s dropped 2 new joints this past week to keep his name around.

Red Cups & Shisha Pots is not your classic Kheengz joint where he goes bananas with bars. He experiments a bit with doing something of laid back party joint, and I can’t quite put my finger on if it worked out or not. I will say, I admire the guts to step out and do something different from his normal style. The beat is decent enough, and the general vibe is cool, but you get the feeling it’s missing a slight edge. Maybe a good feature would’ve added that.

Overall it’s not a bad joint from Kheengz, and it’ll stick out as the different one in his disography later on. Whether or not it’s one that will catapult him is what I’m not sure of.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


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  1. You rated Bother You by D’banj a 5.5 but rate KCee’s Fine Face a 7? Seriously? Despite admitting Fine Face is a weak song lyrically with recycled production.



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