Two To Review: Chidinma – Kulikache + Patoranking – Girlier Remix ft. Tiwa Savage



It’s another week, and time to review two tunes from the previous week. Today we’ll reviewing songs from Chidinma and Patoranking. Let’s get to it shall we?

Chidinma – Kulikache

Chidinma has become one of the hottest female artist in Nigeria over the past couple of years, and anytime she drops a single everyone pays attention. This one was no different; The social media space jumped in excitement.

On first listen, to be honest, this came off to me as one of those noisy, generic, uptempo songs that is so popular in Nigeria now. On subsequent listens, I began to appreciate it a bit more. The beat is high tempo, makossa-ish (thanks to Young D), and designed to make you do one thing, and one thing only – Dance. It does that very well. If you’re looking for a song with deep lyrical content, and nice feel-good words, then this is not the song for you. I mean we don’t even know what Kulikache is.

Overall it’s a decent song. I’m not exactly sure this will be what we’ll remember Chidinma for, but it’ll get the spins in the clubs, bars, and on the radio. Most importantly they’ll be shows with this song performed.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Patoranking – Girlie Remix ft. Tiwa Savage

When we first featured Patoranking back in 2011, not many would’ve predicted that in 3 years he’d be one of the hottest dancehall/ragga acts in Nigeria. But alas, here we are. Just shows that you just never know, but I digress. We missed reviewing the original version so we’ll hop on the remix.

The song generally has a very nice feel-good vibe to it. If you never heard the song before and it comes on, you’d be inclined to ask “Na who sing this song?” That’s the positive effect it has on one on first listen. Adding Tiwa Savage to the song was a masterstroke move as it not only gave the song a different flavour, but it also added to its marketability. The beat from WizzypPro is nice, the lyrics solid, and the melody is nice.

The only down side it kind of gets a bit monotonous towards the middle, but it eventually picks up.

Overall it’s a good song, and one that’ll definitely ensure that Patoranking is no flash in the pan hit. It’s already in my playlist.

Rating: 8/10

Listen Here


    • One of these days I’d love to see a review from you. You can select the songs to review, and we’ll get it published here on jaguda. Sound good? 🙂


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