Treasure in You – Namata (Hilarious Video)


Ok. I’m not one to diss anyone’s video like that, but this is a straight up mess. Words can’t describe how funny this is. Yes… This is a real song, and this guy Namata actually does have more than one video. Check a couple of the videos out:

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And he raps too… This is just hilarious:



  1. LMAO!! What I want to know is how he is getting the funds to make these videos….he can't actually have a recording contract can he?! And surely NO-ONE is actually buying this music are they?!!

  2. loooooolllll!!!! Where does one start? I mean he can't sing to save an ant. Oh gosh…..that hand jerking movement like something is wrong with him. But I have to agree the quality of the video is pretty good….how is this possible.

  3. This is clearly pathetic! Dude needs to retain his day job or go find one ASAP coz his producer clearly R-I-P-P-E-D him off. The video quality and set is actually great but the lyrics, looks and especially singing is distastefully presented and quite hideous. I wonder if they (him and his crew) reviewed the video before releasing it!

  4. chaiiiiiii…ohhh this my UNCLE sef like to dey disgrace!!!

    No but on serious note, this man does not have true friends because they should have poured Hot water on him when they saw this thing.

    Chai..i cant even believe that the camera man even recorded it sef…ohhhh people of this world are wicked shaaaa….oh but i love his AFRICAN MICHEAL JACKSON dance moves.,..AND his BROTHER DASH ME SUIT…ohhhhhhhh

  5. lwkm……nawa o! d guy is obviously d child of sum rich african man(hence the good quality) hu has nuthin else 2 do wif moni i mean der's no oda explanation. no one in their right mind will pay for this, and he's most def not makin n.e moni cuz dese videos are not goin 2 sell.

  6. "I don giv a fok what Mama sez, I'm gonna shoot dis video!"

    not so awful, just forgot to auto-tune.

    the videos are the worst part.

    stupid storyline (I changed my mind, don't kill Namata!),

    stupid dancing (we went back to 1998 and hired all the rejects from Soul Train)

    the only thing that fit was Treasure Girl.


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