Here Are The Top 8 WizKid Songs Ever!

top wizkid songs

WizKid turns 25 today, and in his short 25 years on this earth he’s managed to have a huge musical career with 2 big albums, and countless hit singles that have kept the dance floors, and wedding parties going. With the way WizKid is going, he’ll most likely go down as one of the greatest Nigerian musicians of his era.

Say what you want about some of the lyrical content of his songs. One thing is for sure, WizKid is super talented, and has a way of putting out infectious music. You almost feel the guy can sing the alphabet over a beat, and it’ll be a jam.

In honor of his 25th birthday, let’s look back at 8 of WizKid’s biggest songs ever. In no particular order.

Don’t Dull


It wasn’t the song that really introduced him to us, but it was arguably his first huge club hit. Whether or not it started the “don’t dull” slang is up to debate, but we know it certainly made mainstream. So much so that my Mom could say “don’t dull” to me.

Don’t Dull was the perfect combination between WizKid and Samklef, and in 2010 going into 2011, it was the hottest club anthem.



From owning the club dance floor to completely taking over wedding dance floors, WizKid’s Pakurumo (released in his 2011 album, Super Star) became a main stable for weddings in Nigeria, and if you weren’t sure about, the very impressive video for it made sure.

It might have faded a bit from mainstream, but I bet you can play this song as any wedding, and you’re bound to get a big reaction. You can go out and say this one will definitely make an old school classic in a few years.


Love My Baby

Also featured on his Super Star album, Love My Baby was said to be originally dedicated to his mother, but it somehow ended up being a huge hit for wedding couples. The lyrics are so simple, yet say pretty much everything you’d want to say to the love of your life. This song was probably what brought producer Shizzi some major cred.

This song has been used countless times as the entrance songs for newly married couples, and if I have to pick an evergreen song from WizKid, this will be my pick.


In 2011, the Azonto dance took over Africa thanks to our Ghanaian friends, and Wizkid capitalized on that by dropping Azonto – originally dubbed a freestyle. Turns out this freestyle ended up being a huge club hit; so much so that WizKid ended up shooting a video for it, and promoting it like an official single.

You know you hot some hot juice when your freestyle ends up being one of the biggest hits of the year.



In 2013, WizKid started floating his own imprint, StarBoy, and one of the first singles to come out of that was Caro which featured L.A.X and Wizkid himself. It’s a tune that at first flew under the radar a bit but shortly after ended up being one of the biggest hits of the year. Till date it still rocks big time at parties and clubs all over Africa.

The 12 million views on YouTube tell you everything about how much the song is loved. You can even give it credit for spawning another huge hit in Yemi Alade’s Johnny.


The Matter

Another product of his StarBoy imprint, The Matter, actually credited to producer Maleek Berry is everything the grown up Wizkid is about. Fresh, edgy, confident bordering on arrogance, and highly infectious. We love it.

The Matter is one my personal favs from WizKid. Something about the whole ensemble brings so much life. It stays popping anytime it’s played, and easily a song to lift you off your feet.


Jaiye Jaiye

When you talk about the evolution of WizKid, you have to talk about Jaiye Jaiye featuring Afrobeat legend, Femi Kuti (son of Fela). This maturity displayed in this tune showed us that WizKid had gone from being the little cute boy to being a fully grown man. Complete with an ear for very mature sounds, and infusion of saxophone pieces.

It was the lead single of his latest album, Ayo and produced by Sarz. WizKid, Sarz and Femi Kuti seemed like the holy trinity of Nigerian music on this.



You can’t talk about WizKid’s top songs without bringing in Ojuelegba into the mix. Yes it’s still early since it just dropped less than a year ago, but when you have Drake and Skepta wanting to drop a verse on your track, then there’s something special about. (Ojuelegba Remix)

One of WizKid’s most unique tunes, we get what we typically don’t get from Wizzy. A narrative of his life, struggles, and ode to his home.


That’s all folks. I’ve tried. I might have missed a few. Drop a comment or two and let us know what your favorite Wizkid songs are.

Happy Birthday Wizkid!


  1. I love my baby@wizkidayo I just love this superstar. I wish u all d best in music, fatherhood n life as a whole.


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