Top 6 Street Songs In Nigeria For 2015

No doubt the street forms more than 50% of the population of music listeners not just in Nigeria but Worldwide. As a result of geographical constraints I will be limiting my coverage to Nigeria using Lagos as a determinant for the streets.
It has been a tremendous year for artists that rose from the street not leaving out the likes of QDot, Small Doctor, Legelly, Daboy, Famous, Olalekside who seem to be occupying on the surface streets in Nigeria and abroad.
The streets has pronounced in this article may be interchanged with grass roots and more over the list is of the writer’s view combined with opinions from top street DJ’s and the famous street distributors from Alaba.
6. Legelly – Ijo Eko
The next time you go for a street jam, tell the DJ to play this song and see what happens. The reaction to this song is actually almost bigger than what an “Olamide” song would get on the street. Artists like Legelly only need to come off the street to the industry properly to connect their sounds and make a bigger impression.
5. Daboy – Bolenbe
This song was released earlier this year and till now still rocks the street even with the huge influx of new songs. Like I said earlier, if you go to any street jam, tell the DJ to play “Bolenbe” and see what happens
The video to the tune was released earlier this month and it is getting airplay and rotation from both local and international media houses.
4. Famous – Igboro
Just like the title of the song “igboro” meaning public highway or “streets”, the song is all about the street and the street only!
Famous got lucky with the street when he released the tune, even kids sing the song without missing out any of the lyrics .
If you do board Keke Nape just like me, you will know all keke napep riders have this song in their play list.
3. Olalekside – Elegushi Spender
This is the song for the big spenders at the beach!!! Elegushi Big spenders do not joke with this song when it comes on, the streets love this song to the heart. The song wrestles with songs from the industry’s A list artists.
2. QDot – Ibere
Ever since he dazed the street with “Alomo meta”, his consistency on the street is on 100%. QDot’s Ibere is another street anthem that wrestles with songs by A list artists and has seen QDot crossing from being “a street artiste” to a proper industry standard artiste
1. Small Doctor – Mosquito Killer
Small Doctor oh Small Doctor!!! I never liked this song when it was released but I could not help it as it made everyone’s play list at any street jam. Small Doctor has made his mark on the street and has likewise drawn himself close to the industry A listers.
Small Doctor no doubt is the King Of the street
List Compiled By @bilo_milov1



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