Top 10 Hottest Nigerian Rappers For 2014


By all accounts it’s been a relatively quiet year for a lot of hip-hop acts in Nigeria. The likes of SDC, MI, Kahli Abdu, Terry Tha Rapman haven’t put out much of material this past year, and it’s left room for some of the new comers to really do their. Whether it’s a sign of things to come we’ll have to wait and see, but without too much long story let’s get into the top 10 hottest rappers in Nigeria based on released material in late 2013 into 2014.

This is not a status ranking, but rather based on material put out in the past year; the quality (wordplay, skill, flow, delivery), the impact, and the overall reception across the board. Remember it’s hottest right now not best overall.

10. Yung6ix


After what seemed like an eternity, Yung6ix finally released his highly anticipated album, 6 O Clock, and from all accounts the album is a good project with a sizable number of hit tracks. Along with the hot album cuts Lights, Kpansh, Before I Go Broke and Kings, Yung6ix also released the single, Amen a little later to keep his hot buzz going.

It’s been a commercially successful year for Yung6ix with the album release and many collabos, and you can only expect that it’ll get better from here. He’s still got some work to do lyrically but no doubt when it comes to hip-hop in Nigeria for 2014, he’s been one of the brighter spots overall.

*** Amen


9. Sinzu


Sinzu has been in the news this past year for other reasons besides his music. From his beef with Godwon to his alleged problems with the law, it’s easy to think Sinzu didn’t do much on the music side of the things. But when you go back and sample the tunes he’s dropped over the past year (Make I Tell You, Lord Knows, Fashi, OG Bobby Johnson) you’ll be quickly reminded that Sinzu is still indeed Sinzu.

The most refreshing thing about Sinzu’s music recently is the realness of it. You get the feeling this is a guy doing his thing without the inhibitions of commercialism or record label  restrictions. Dude is just doing his thing and it’s coming out pretty dope.

*** Lord Knows


8. Ice Prince


Say what you will about Ice Prince but he’s been arguably one of the most consistent rap acts out of Nigeria for the past couple of years. He rarely shies away from features, and is consistently putting out new material for his fans. He might not be the best lyricist out there but he more than makes up for it with his hard work, and good musical sense.

Along with the hit singles from his last year album release (Fire Of Zamani) which he put out videos for, Ice Prince has done well with singles, Can I Talk (ft. MI and Joel Ortiz), Tears For Naija, N-Word Remix and Freestyle. Not to count the numerous features he’s had. Simply put Ice Prince is stamping his name as one of the hip-hop cats from Nigeria we wont be forgetting soon.

*** Can I Talk


7. Vector


Vector went into somewhat of a hiatus for most of 2014, but when he came back he came back with a serious bang! Dropping his #A7 mixtape, he pretty much told us that while he was a bit quiet in the past months he wasn’t sleeping. The mixtape has gotten mostly positive reviews from fans and hip-hop heads alike. You have to wonder that if Vector was consistently putting out stuff all year he might be higher up this list cos we all know he’s hot on the MIC.

The tunes from him bound to make some noise from his tape into 2015 are Shiga, Undefined. Tupac Bass and Celestial Body are tunes that will definitely creep into a lot of playlists based purely on the lyrical work on it. All in all Vector is pretty much a stable name in Nigerian Hip-Hop and this year he didn’t do anything to change that.

*** Redefined



6. Reminisce


Earlier this year Reminisce was featured in TIME magazine’s “rappers around the world” video special, and for very good reason. He’s been on the hottest MCs in Nigeria over the past year, and his stock has been rising steadily since he first hit the scene almost 6-7 years ago.

Reminisce’ sophomore album Alaga Ibele release late last year has carried him into 2014 with some serious momentum. Singles Daddy’, Eleniyan, Government gave fans a taste of how good Reminisce can be. But it didn’t stop with his album cuts; Reminisce put out a remix to Fela, a new single Tesojue, numerous videos, and one of favorite, a hot collabo with Sarz (Ise Yen). All in all, anyway you slice it, you can’t call any of the hottest names in hip-hop for this past year without mentioning Reminisce in it.



5. Boogey


When you go on any Nigerian hip-hop forum or blog comments discussing the best rapper in Nigeria, and Boogey’s name will come up more times than you think. For good reason. He’s right up there with the best of them, and gives the big hip-hop names a serious run for their money. When you listen well to his words it jumps out at you, and you soak every bit of it. His lyrical word play, and delivery is as good as any other out there.

He might be flying under the radar this year in terms of commercial popularity, but his fans and hip-hop heads salivate anytime. His tunes Ask For It, 1am, and Salute Me give you everything you need to hear from this MC. Add that to his fan favorite, Sanctum, it’s easy to see why everyone is super excited about the prospect of this kid.

*** 1am


4. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz 108

Often times Jesse Jagz gets tagged with being a producer before the rapper, but that has somewhat changed with the release of the sequel to his 2013 Jagz Nation Vol 1 – Vol 2 – The Royal Niger Company. With joints Aint Nobody, Sunshine, The Case amongst others, that project is arguably one of the best released this year, complete with Jesse Jagz spitting solid bars, good music, solid productions, and giving us all something to think about while listening. I did the due diligence to read various reviews, and really I couldn’t find a bad review. As expected.

Coupled with the heat his 2013 project was still carrying, it’s easy to see how Jesse Jagz is one of the hotter MCs in 2014. He might have shied away from all the showbiz lifestyle but make no mistake, Jesse is still bringing a lot of ammo in his music.

***Aint Nobody Remix


3. ModeNine


King Modo! No doubt when we speak about ModeNine, we’re speaking about the best lyricist in Nigeria, and there’s barely any competition. A legend when it comes hip-hop in Nigeria and that’s hardly an argument. That being said he’s feature here at #3 is not intended to be a slight at him at all.

ModeNine dropped a whopping 40 track album, Above Ground Level, with everything you’ll need in a hip-hop album, solid joint, playful tunes, solid features including Don Jazzy, Ice Prince, Gentle, Reminisce, Praize, Ruby Gyang, Amaka, Zeus, Proverb, and the hot American MC Canibus, and overall good music. Critics have rated the album as very solid. Even if it’s not his best, it’s a good album that can only add to his great musical legacy. Tunes that stand out are Some More ft. Don Jazzy, Upside Down, SuperHuman featuring Canibus, and NTBB.

*** Upside Down


2. Phyno

Phyno Alobam

Phyno said in 2013 that he was the Man Of The Year, but really we can say he’s been the Man of the Year for both 2013 and 2014. Since he burst on the scene with his unique ‘new generation igbo swag’, it’s been no slowing down this kid holding it down for the east. His pre-album singles Man Of The Year, Parcel, Ghost Mode were already putting him in a league of his own, and his album No Guts, No Glory further cemented his name as argubly the hottest rapper in Nigeria for 2014.  Additional singles Alobam, Authe, and numerous features only add to the ammo for that argument. It’s hard to argue with that fact.

Phyno’s unique way of flowing in Igbo while blending in English makes his tunes very appealing even to non-igbo speaking fans, and to those who actually understand Igbo it’s simply the best thing since sliced yam. He’s taken what cats like Nigga Raw, Slowdogg, and MC Loph were doing and elevated it to continental wide appeal levels.

*** Parcel


1. Olamide


Over the past 3 years, no other rapper in Nigeria has had as much of an impact as Olamide has consistently. When you look at his body of work it’s simply outstanding how much material Olamide has put out, and in that hot material. His work ethic is unrivaled right now. His hot singles are too numerous to list but those in the past year include the likes of Yemi My Lover, Story For The Gods, Awon Goons Mi, Make Us Proud (ft. Wale), and Eleda Mi to along with his album, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth. Features? Way too much to list on here.

Olamide’s street styled, gutter, and sometimes playful delivery in both Yoruba and English gives him that unique ability to appeal to fans across the spectrum. From the guys in the streets of Ibadan, to the Lagos big boys, to the Abuja babes there’s something in Olamide’s catalog for you. It’s no surprise that he’s as hot and well received as he is in Nigeria. Lyrically he might not as great as the best we’ve seen, but he more than makes up for it with solid word play, strong metaphors. A lot of which you have to understand Yoruba to really get.

All in all it’s easy to see why Olamide is the hottest rapper in Nigeria for the past year.

*** Yemi My Lover


Notable Mentions:

IllBliss – Hard to argue he hasn’t been solid this year. His latest track Bank Alert is all sorts of blazing.

Naeto C – Solid singles released but we await the album.

Falz – Falz’s album got solid reviews from critics and fans alike.



  1. I don’t get it. why are you bloggers ridding Olamide’s dick? smh do you even listen to what he says? i’m totally disappointed in this crap you call article or whatever! Boogey should be No. 1 and Mode 9? Nigerians won’t leave respect and say the truth. Mode 9 is good no doubt but he has not released any dope track since last year! he is trying to make some money thats why he went commercial; we know. Stop this “paying respect” nonsense and write the truth.

    List like this will make a true HipHop fan think that nigeria don’t know what rap is. It is just shameful

    • Oga hip-hop lol. Boogey #1? based on what? 3 singles? No album or mixtape? I actually think he’s too high on here cos clearly Aribaba is a fan of his

  2. Mehn…..sowi for being rude, But the person or persons that made this list is high sentimental…. How can olamide be number one… are you guys sleeping or drunk…well *Story for the gods* Crap!! crap !!…. an where tha hell is SDC, Kahli Abdu, where is X.O, how can Jargo be at 4 and mode at 3. you guys better think well and make this list for the fans to comply…..Please!!!

  3. You want to know my number one problem with Nigerians? You guys don’t read. The writer clear said

    this is not a status ranking, but rather based on material put out in the past year;

    So really who else was better than Olamide and Phyno this past year. Let’s be honest with ourselves… Mode9 sef at #3 is really high.

  4. its time to put mode 9 in his place and that’s no where, granted he spits with intellect but has no form of entertainment bout him which is the whole essence of music. if i want something intellectual i’ll go to school goddamit!!!

  5. Yeah the compilation was Good but we at ExclusivelyNaija don’t think Olamide is better Modenine or even Ice Prince….We Hold Modenine in high Esteem Likewise Ice Prince

  6. WTF.. Hey admin you no well. How the hell did Phyno and Olamide come before Mode9 and Vector??… And were the hell is M.I Abaga?? Mtchwww.

  7. Aright, lemme make tinz straight.
    for those complaining olamide & phyno shudn`
    t make the 1st & 2nd place
    shud go back & read the title very well, secondly we are not talking about best rappers here if not M I ABAGA would have make the list, thirdly if we are talking about hot rappers of 2014 ask most of my friends modo is my best lyricist buh he is not suppose to be on the list followed by sinzu & vector who are also my shud just be phyno & ice, Oamide has been hot this year no doubt buh his lyrics makes no sense. THE END.

  8. Not bad but if Boogey is on this list then i see no reason why MC Skill ThaPreacha shouldn’t be on here cos he’s on par with Boogey. Preacha has been awesome and consistent since 2011. Consciousness, Lyricism, Wordplay. He has a content unlike most rappers in naija and to top it all Dude got five mixtapes now in three years and he’s simply getting stronger each year. He is damn HOT!

  9. Not bad but if Boogey is on this list then i see no reason why MC Skill ThaPreacha shouldn’t be on here cos he’s on par with Boogey. Preacha has been awesome and consistent since 2011. Consciousness, Lyricism, Wordplay. He has a content unlike most rappers in naija and to top it all Dude got five mixtapes now in three years and he’s simply getting stronger each year. He is damn HOT!

  10. Wel wel z d combination of pleasin sound.olamide nd phyno re gud nd has been hot buh we nigerians nd fans believe dt a rapper who is hot is nw the best.if olamide z no1.where would u rank mode9,boogie,M.I, rankin doesnt implies indigenous rappers.think an artiste too.tanks

  11. U pple comment rubbish.if any rapper tinks he or she is hotter and rap better dan king baddo let dat person confron Olamide baddo.olamide is d best and d best he will b,bcos am a son o Y B N L nation BADDOO let dem kw

  12. I live in Freetown, Sierra Sierra Leone. The most popular rappers from Nigeria are Olamide, Ice Prince, Phyno…. I never heard of Mode 9. I think he must be good and am gonna make a check on me.

  13. This is a rubbish List…ls who tf is boogey…Where. is Falz,MI abaga,Ajebutter,NaetoC on this List…As for me,the top 10 rappers in no particular order are; Iceprince,Vector,Reminisce,MIabaga,Falz,Ajebutter,JesseJagz,Sinzu,Phyno,Yung6ix,Olamide.

  14. nonsense! look at d real list-:
    1. m.i
    2. phyno
    3. Jessy jagz
    4. vector
    5. olamide
    6. ice prince
    7. mode9
    8. boogey
    9. I’ll bliss
    10. reminisce

  15. Whether u lyk it or not baddo is still d number one…can’t u c how he use lyrics to play lyk toy..not lyk others who take it too serious…wait nd c nore dis need to dEy shout…baddo ti take over dere’s ntin u can d about it…YBNL

  16. Y z t dah sam pple dnt jst fink b4 dey write…go bk 2 d start of d list n read wah d writer said, d ranking z nt based on best rapper or wateva d list z made up of rappers dah released enof songs n dier songs went viral…stop being hypocrite read b4 u criticise..idiots! Luk b4 u leap….dats hw u misquote pple of dier statements…I even doubt if sam of u r schooled n 4 d record dis z nt ur blog u cn as well go ahead n create ur own blog n rank dem d way u want.#catch me If u can#tougueout

  17. if u like go to hell and kill yourselves, kingin @olamide_ybnl is the best including my manest man @phynofino no doubt about that shout out penthauze here I come @iamchinosn, am an indigenous rapper

  18. kash kamp trick billionaires music, kktbm is here again oooo Eni macharoo ofreshelo ayakata #dem dey notice, #shout out to 6 o’clock @young6ix. I love youuuuuu

  19. this is big bullshit story……this is how it suppose to be
    10terry the rap man

  20. Its very glaring that King Badoo is the best for this,y are some of u just hating ? OLAMIDE ti take over won le duro woo tan,awon smellos bitch ass niggas *tongue out*

  21. This is how the fucking list should be.

    1. Vector.
    2. Vector tha Viper.
    3. V.E.C.
    4. Olanrewaju Ogunmefun.
    5. Oshamo!!
    6. Ondun!!
    7. Lyricist on a roll 2012.

    That’s how it should be

  22. This is how the fucking list should be..

    1. Vector.
    2. Vector tha Viper.
    3. V.E.C.
    4. Olanrewaju Ogunmefun
    5. Oshamo!!
    6. Ondun!!
    7. Barrack Boy
    8. V.E.C. aka. king Kong
    9. V.E.C. aka best rapper
    10. The 2012 lyricist on a roll. Headies award.

  23. Tribal,Selfish,Stupid,Useless,Bias,Religious,State,Fancy and so on post of the year! MI is de best follow by Vector,Ice prince,Reminisce,Jessy jayz,Phyno,Olamide

  24. hey…! guys let not include hatred in dis matter,to be sincere olamide has try is best doing d past year,and is one of d best artist using d best material,and for dis I think he shud be toping d list.let just appreciate him.

  25. hey…! guys let not include hatered olamide has try his best throughout the past year,and for dis he shud be topping d list.

  26. lol modenine against vector u must be joking why do you think we can all be foolish as you lolz oga o, thunder fire you for trying to make us feel like a fool

  27. i don see many rapper. i never see any rapper like u oooo @ BADDO no one like you. and no 1 we be li9ke you (AMEN)

  28. Jst ope u guys are all joking, mi no be any body mate… Modes old skool, respect him, i dey imagine all dos saying baddo is,,wit amala for hand for bariga bus stop,, afta enof sk,, make una stop dis shit yarn abeg…..

  29. 1 BIG thing that 9ja is supposed to be doin at all levels is to be differentiating between best indeginous/local rappers from International rappers.cos this wat makes pple come here, comment and argue. Divide the list into two. Even the headies should base the awards into two. How can u say olamide is better than Vector,Jesse jagz(TNC $ RNC albums),boogey. I mean u can’t compare pple spittin dope lines in a language that evry1 (Hausa,fulani even a non Nigerian) understands with pple that are only restricted to a particular region. Some body like me doesn’t understand Yoruba how d’u expect met to enjoy olamides flows cos I don’t know wat he’s saying.. And 70% hip hop fans in north-Ghana- SA that don’t understand yoruba. We prefer dope rap hip hop joints like the likes of Jesse jagz,yung6ix(6ix o’clock album),boogey,vector,king modu,M.I (which will soon be back).


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