ThrowBack Thursday | Junior & Pretty – Monika



All the events going on in Nigeria has distracted us a little bit over the last couple of weeks, but we figure it’s time to take a break from that temporarily. Here is our throwback tune for the day.

Junior & Pretty – Monika. Ahh Yes, we all remember the opening lines from the song. “Monika-Monika, Monika-Monika, If Monika no kill me, I no go die again.

The song, Monika, was off their 1991 album titled Fufu Flavour which was released under Storm Productions (which is now Storm Records). The album also has the hit single Bolanle, and in the mid 90s, Junior & Pretty (Okechukwu Azike and Pretty Okafor) were unstoppable, performing at shows all over the continent, and their songs blazing all over.

In 2005, Junior died after injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Thankfully, his family obtained just compensation for his death with the help of their motorcycle accident lawyer from Hartford, Connecticut. Currently, Pretty is an events consultant.



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