Throwback Thursday: Celebrating Things With Alex O


I think I got up and started dancing when I heard this song yesterday. It definitely took me back to the days of bubbling and shuffling. This classic tune, Celebrate, by Alex O (Alex Okoroigwe) was released in the early 1990s, and went on to become one of the biggest hits of the 90s. I mean, I don’t think there was a party you went to that didn’t have this song on repeat, and oh my who can forget that rap:

It take some time to bubble and shuffle,
Afterall the hustle and bustle,
Everybody wan celebrate, but nobody wan talk im age.

I you just go ask a Lagos mama say
Na how many years she dey celebrate,
she go hala and hala and shout back at you,
Na wetin be your business.

He has since retired from music, and is married to Nollywood actress and producer, Oby Edozie.

Oga Alex O! Thanks for this wonderful tune, and the memories.



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