ThrowBack: Mandy Brown Ojugbana – Taxi Driver



For those of us that were alive and kicking and have memories of the 80s this is one song that pretty much defines Nigerian pop music in the 80s. Mandy Brown Ojugbana was 16 at the time she redid Bobby Benson’s classic, Taxi Driver, and the single pretty much catapulted her to nationwide stardom.

The song was such a huge hit back then, there’s no way you didn’t hear it at every party.. Even well into the 90s.

So where is Mandy now? She’s currently in UK and works as a broadcaster, and producer for a UK TV station, and if you’re interested you can catch her on twitter (@MandyOjugbana)

Mandy as of 2013
Mandy as of 2013


And for good measure, check out the original version from the 60s by Bobby Benson. You’re welcome.


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