Throw Back Thursday: Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje

Recent Photo Of Seyi Sodimu

Yesterday I was having a 90s moment, and it reflected through my tweets on twitter, and in one of my reminiscing moments, I remembered one of all time favorite jams. The tune that was so popular back in then that a lot of us will never ever forget the lyrics to the song even when we’re 85. Ok maybe I exaggerated a bit, but it’ll take a lot for me to ever forget the “Love Me Jeje, Love Me Tender

As one person asked, “I wonder where he is now.” I wondered the same, and in my small research (thank God for internet) I was able to track that he is currently based in Washington DC (at least via FB) and actually does still make music. Good good stuff I tell you.

One of the best things any artist can ask for is to have a lasting effect on his/her audience, and even if none of us ever hear any Seyi Sodimu records ever again, we will never forget “Love Me Jeje, Love Me Tender.”

That’s pretty much my spill for this Throw Back Thursday (TBT)… Catch it next time… maybe next week, or in 2 weeks or next month…whenever inspiration reaches my way again. For this go-round thoough, check out the song and video. Drop a comment… Peace.

*side note*… You wan try toasting swag in this video? Shege!!! lol



[audio:Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje.mp3]

For more info on Seyi Sodimu, check out his myspace page.



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