#TheMOBsPick; A Weekly Top 10 Chart | January 25th 2015



Welcome to the second week of #TheMOBsPick , a weekly chart of MY favourite Nigerian songs released this year.

Check it out:

1. Orlando-Julius-ft.-Seyi-Shay-Ololufe-Remix


Still holding down the number one spot from last week, OLOLUFE (remix) adds a contemporary feel without detracting from the awesomeness of the original song. Seyi shay is the star of this remix, as her performance is nothing short of stellar. Kudos to Seyi Shay.

Listen here:

2. Burna Boy – Rockstar


Also staying put at number two for the second week is ROCKSTAR. Burna Boy is in a class all by himself. I love the concept of the song, I appreciate the song writing and delivery, but I can’t help feeling that the general sonics of the song detracts from its greatness. I also think the song could have been better arranged to give a little more oomph to the chorus. But it’s still a brilliant song.

Listen here:


3. Eddie Izycs – Celebration


It’s been a while since I saw a young man this deft on the keyboard. The fact that he is having a go at the music industry makes me even more excited. Celebration is a beautiful Jazz construct and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Brilliant piece.

Listen here:  

4. DreyBeatz – EBELE ft-Terry-G


I was hooked on this song from the first listen. Terry G graces this Dreybeatz produced sweet music with his usual banal lyrics but the vocal performance on this song makes you appreciate the great musician in TerryG. His animation on this song is totally contagious and now I cant get enough of it. LOVE IT!!


Try it:

5. Yung L – Awww (cover)


One would have expected a second verse from Yung L on this cover considering that he murked the one he delivered. Still, it’s an improvement on a beautiful song by D’ija.

Listen here: 

6. Toby Grey – Gboju


This is an interesting and hilarious take on Kiss Daniel’s hit single ‘Woju,’ and Toby Grey did a commendable job. I’d love to hear more from this diva. I like this song.

Listen here: 

7. Chyn – Walk-In-The-Sky – ft Falz


This week Chyn returns on the charts, but with a new offering. I like the mood of the song, the chorus, and Chyn’s delivery as well. However, I think Falz should have given us a little more serious flow. There was absolutely no need for clowning around on this track.

Listen here: 


8. Nasir and Nicotine Put On My Cool Feat. Haywire


Number 3 last week, this song is from the Drug Induced Poetry mixtape by the budding rappers, Oc Nicotine and Nasir. I think they did well. There’s still so much room for improvement though.

Listen here:




Number 4 last week, Emeka’s delivery on this 2014 industry round up impressive.

Listen here:

10. Uzikwendu – Oh Yeah?


Down from number 5 last week, this is Inspiring work by Uzikwendu, and if he keeps putting in this kind of work on subsequent songs, he’ll soon be a force in the industry.

Listen here: 


Keep listening to good music.



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