Truth Tuesday: I’m Not A Hater, Your Song/Video Just Sucked



Urban Dictionary Definition of a Hater: “A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.”

Note in there, it says a “person that cannot be happy for another person’s success.” With that being said, if I’m a fan of your music, and you release a sub-par song or video, and I say “I don’t like it,” then I’m not a hater. It just means I don’t like it, and guess what? If a lot of people (your fans and non-fans included) don’t like it either, then it probably really sucks. Period.

I get a damn headache on twitter and facebook when I see artists claiming that people are hating on them for their song or video, for x,y and z reason.  Oh please… how about you spend some of that time trying to figure out why you, all of a sudden, had so many “haters” spring up over night. It could very well be that what you just put out disappointed a lot of folks that expected more from you. After all, if you weren’t good at some point at what you do, you wouldn’t even have the “haters” you claim to have. No one would even notice you had a new song or video out. So please maybe we can spend some energy on upgrading our music and videos instead of releasing subpar material and claiming to have all these haters that are trying to bring you down. If you put out good shit, trust me, the “haters” will be few and far in between, and you’d definitely be able to spot them a mile away. The compliments will flow in till you’re tired.

Sometimes you end up hearing “Go and Do Your Own” from fans and sometime from the artist themselves. Really? Really? I should go and do my own? What kind of a response in that? When your phone doesnt work? Does Nokia or BB tell you to build your own phone? or does MTN say, “Go and Start your own network”? Or maybe one day M Knight Shyamalan will just vex and tell all of us to go and do our own movie. Please let’s all stop using that statement because all it shows is our ignorance and lack of willingness to take criticism.

I personally have not been too thrilled about a lot of Nigerian music videos released recently, and anyone that knows me well knows I’m a huge fan of the Nigerian music industry, but that doesn’t stop me from saying that I can watch the average music video, just once, and I’m not interested in watching anymore. Most of them never do justice to the damn near perfect songs, and sometimes it seems like there is a set formula for making videos and no one wants to dare to be different. No one seems to want to break boundaries. Does this make me a hater for feeling this way? Should I go and make my own video? Or give you money to do another one?…Maybe I should go and hug the transformer in my village (which coincidentally never has electricity so that might not be such a bad thing).

I love nigerian music, but I personally feel a lot of music material put out recently is getting very regular & stale, and the videos are seriously lagging behind.  To be fair, the quality of videos has drastically improved over the past couple of years, but at the same time, the quality doesn’t really make the video a good video. Please don’t shoot me abeg… It’s all out of love. Ok I’m done… Catch us on the next “Truth Tuesday.”

So you tell me.. Am I tripping?

#onasimilarnote: Retweeting only the compliments from fans you get on twitter to make it look like the song or video is hot is not the way forward. #justsaying

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column “Truth Tuesday” does not express the views of but rather the views of the particular individual writing the article. Thanks.


  1. Haha. Mr. Aribaba, seems like you dey vex seriously. I do feel you on what you are talking about though. But you have to remember that it is easier to acceopt praise than to take criticism and also a lot of times, these people are just trying to stay relevant and are not 'big' enough to state that they want to take a risk with their video, so they stay with what the director tells them sells – that is why it is the few and in between actual visionaries who are able to take the risk and be different.(on a different note, that's why i got tired of 9ice, he is one of the ones who should actually speak out and stop doing the generic and i am sure the risk will pay off but he keeps playing the puppet with his videos >:O) Anyway, my point is, truer words have never been spoken but in defense of the starts also, e no easy to be different and to take risk, especially if it doesnt pay off.

  2. You have killed me with this. Lol.

    Haha @ your "on a similar note point". So so true.

    You speak the truth. To be frank, I often refrain from commenting on sub-par music/videos, lest i be labelled a "hater". But people need to embrace constructive criticism (it saves lives and careers) I get so peeved when i see "fans/stans" commending an artists work that is just pure b-s. Like really? Just a damn shame.

    And the childish "go and do your own" or "hug transformer" comments from fans and artists alike, funny as they may be at times, is sheer stupidity for the reasons you so aptly stated above.

    The moment Nigerian artists, and human beings alike, are willing to stand out by taking creative risks and breaking boundaries with their music, videos, and craft in general, the better for the burgeoning Nigerian music industry (which i'm so excited about).

    We need to start a say not to "wackness" campaign. Lol. There are so many talented artists in naija that are not receiving the exposure that they should because so many "established artists" are hogging the limelight with crap. Sigh. God dey.

    And ps, you sure ain't tripping:)

  3. In a way I feel what you're saying, but you do sound like hater. These artists are trying their best with the limited resources they have at their disposal. The best you can do is support instead of bashing them *hiss*

    • Abeg "gerrawayyou" with that comment. (Nothing personal, just for dramtic effect 🙂 ) im not buying that "limited resources" excuse. Because some of the biggest "quality" artists that exist now came from absolutely nothing. And i dont really care too much about the beat of the song, if the lyrical content is good then you have a song and i dont think it costs that much to get a pen and paper to write down some quality lyrics

    • Erm… limited resources? I don't think so. Take that Oleku video for instance, (and don't tell me it's not the official vid until I see the official vid.) It's a radio friendly song, but it doesn't really say anything – that's why they had trouble making a video for it. Artists need to be more careful with the songs they choose for videos. Wizkid with the tease me video – Tease me was basically a freestyle and they went to make a video just because it got popular.

      Sometimes artists and management get decisions very wrong in my opinion.

  4. If you want quality videos put some money into the industry. I don't know if we expect these artists to go and rob just so they can give us "good" videos.


    But seriously though. . quality videos cost money and a lot of artists don't have much, if any. I can live with mediocre videos, and even sometimes average production quality, because I kinda understand that sometimes you have to work with what is available to you. I tend to be a little more critical of the music content itself tho.

    • the issue is NOT always money but CONTENT! case in point, bankyW's 'feeling it' vid…he paid transport money to go ALL the WAY to SA with MI to charter 'international' director…and they still came up with THAT> weak and watery…no CONTENT! I think 'limited resources' is code word for laziness and lack of creative integrity. at the end of the day tho…the fans no 'send' mediocre videos or music at that. No-one cares…get ur 15mins of fame, perform in 2shows…go home and stamp urself a STAR! who cares abt longetivity or leaving a legacy. SPOSH!

  5. Point. Blank. Period!

    But I can see why its easy for artists to label people as haters…Naija people have a tendency to be harsh with their "constructive criticism". If a video is bad, instead of calling it complete rubbish how 'bout we point out what was wrong with it. If they still label you as a hater then the issue is with them not you. At least you know you've made your point!

    *sigh* Let's just hope the quality of videos change with time because they have come a long way.

  6. Mr. Aribaba & the 40 touts, u never stop to impress me. U spoke the truth, I have been feeling the same way about Nigerian music. But the quality of Nigerian music is far better than the quality of African movies.

  7. I agree with you.. A lot of videos are just plain horrible and the one that vexxed me so much is Banky-W – Feeling it.. Like are u for real why is ure video theif and cop LIKE ARE U KIDDING ME… REALLY


    I swear if u do another theif and cop video u need to be slapped.. Be innovative ure songs are to on point for theif and COP…

    Ok m done…

  8. I don't think a quality video has to cost a lot. This is like saying only expensive dates are fun. Lately though, the actual quality of videos have been pretty good, the problem is the content. I feel a video is supposed to enhance a song, not take away from a song especially when it's a really good song. If an artist truly believes in what they put out, so be it but like Aribaba said when the masses complain, it's okay and expected even to take a step back and see if there is anything that can be done to improve. You can't deny good work. If something is good even the alleged haters won't have anything to say. It's the best way to shut them up.

  9. @Bushbabe ; You've completely missed the point, havent you?

    The writer isn't saying he doesnt recognise the efforts of the artistes. He's just asking the question ;

    "Are we supposed to support rubbish in the mane of not being called a hater?"

  10. WHo decides what is rubbish. It's all subjective, and rather than say people that hype up stuff you don't like are supporting rubbish, how about u just acknowledge that people like different things. You guys almost sound like everyone likes the same stuff you do.

    SO when you guys say a video is nice and others disagree what then? They have bad taste?

    Na wa for egocentrism ooo.

    Maybe the people that support "rubbish" are just giving their honest opinions. Live and let live. The market doesn't lie.

    • You have a point, however there is also the rule of majority in play… If a substantial amount of people feel it's subpar (say 70%) then chances are it is.

      • Majority of people do not have to like something for it to be a success. A lot of people have to like it, and a lot of people can still be a minority.

        Another point is that a lot of online commentary is made by Nigerians living in the west, and does not necessarily reflect what is going on in Nigeria. Many songs that have been hyped up online have failed to sell in Nigeria and others that have been condemned have done well. This isn't always the case, but it happens often enough that it is reasonable to conclude that online commentary is not enough to go by when trying to determine overall public reaction to a Naija song or other work of art.

        I understand the point that the writer of this piece is trying to make, I just object to the way it is presented. No one person is an authority when it comes to rating stuff like music, or art in general. We can state our views, but we should realize that they are just individual opinions colored by personal biases, and not an objective assessment.

  11. I totally feel you. Everyone is now feeling like a G these days, claiming to have haters. Someone said that we the fans should learn how to give constructive criticism. Sometimes, I even feel like when you give the constructive criticism, they will still see it as you hating on them.

    But I hear ya on the Naija videos. All in the name of filming a video in London/South Africa or wherever, artists will just put anything out these days.

    And to those of y'all talking about limited resources, I beg to differ. You don't need a crapload of resources to make a decent video, and some of these artists who are guilty of making yeye videos definitely don't appear to lack resources.

  12. I gree with this article on many levels. The excuse of limited resources just does not cut it.

    Find a director/producer/film maker that knows what they are doing and they will come up with a story line and quality of production that will amaze people. I've seen a short film made entirely with a Nokia. The sound quality was on point too. Creativity is where it's at! Make a video to complement the song. But then again how many people de make sense ontop track in the first place?

    People are just either clueless or lazy with their chosen craft.

    If one more person should tell me to "go and do my own sef" after I give constructive critisism ehn. Hmmm. Make we de look am.

  13. I mean it is true that people just think that some of the videos are wack and thats their opinion, but at the same time some just Hate(based on the above definition), saying u dont like something and having good reasons as to why u dont like it like "Its not my style" or "Its too Generic" is different from just saying "the artist is wack and has no talent" and u have nothing to back that up seeing that u r the only one who thinks that…I mean if 95% of ppl think a video is quality and 1 person says its "horrible" "Its the worst ever" chances are the person is a hater………and lets be honest there are a lot of haters, i know a lot of ppl who would say "That artist is wack joor!!" and when i ask them to tell me one of his songs they dont know any, what would u call that!!? sometimes an artist mite come off as been arrogant and ppl wont like him for that reason and they decide to just hate everything he does…."D'banj has no talent…he sucks,most of his music is garbage"….common now, that was a comment i saw on youtube.


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