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This piece here was written by Adetola Adeogun publicist for Bistop in response to an article on The Sun newspaper detailing some of the issues behing the break up the original make up of the group Bracket. As most of you know, Bracket as a group today is not as it was originally created. One member Bistop is no longer part of the group, and that leaves the remaining 2 members as Bracket as we know it today.

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Following the recent publication of ‘We Own Yori Yori Not Bistop’ in the Showpiece section, of ‘The Sun’ Feb. 28 2010 issue, regarding Bracket saying they own Yori Yori and not Bistop, (The Name Is Bistop and Not Bishop as written in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper) I find it very important to clear the waves on the whole Bracket Issue so the public can know the truth About How And Why The Group Bracket Broke Up.

To start with I will rather describe this move by Vast and Smash as an act of insecurity and a feeling of impending career doom for them.

How the Group Bracket Was Formed
It’s just so Amazing to hear or read that Smash (The light skinned member) will come out in public to talk about the formation of the group when he wasn’t even in Nsukka when the group was formed.

Bistop Met Vast (The Dark skinned member) in a Barber Shop way back 1999 then his name was “Sheri Koko” then Bistop gave him the name “Vast” (Bistop actually gave the two of them their individual pseudonyms they use now).

Bistop and Vast were two young men with great knowledge and passion for music and decided to form a group called ‘Furious BV’ i.e. Furious Bistop and Vast a name also coined by Bistop.

In 2002 Furious BV went for the First Edition of Star Quest but failed along the line surprisingly, Smash goes about talking on Tv and radio stations even in prints saying he went with Bracket to Star Quest when he wasn’t actually there (The organizers of Star Quest can be contacted for verification).

As a matter of fact, Smash was not a member of the group until 2003. Furious BV met him Smash through a friend called Henry. To show his (Smash) treachery, knew no bounds, he betrayed his friend Henry, to be a part of their hustle then his name was “Ali Okpa” he had no talent what so ever in music neither was he a dancer. He was just some guy that used to visit Furious BV.

Along the line, Vast begged Bistop to incorporate “Ali Okpa,” as a member of the group. After deliberating, Bistop admitted him to the group and dubbed him “Smash.” As the group grew, Bistop changed the name of the group from Furious BV to “South Bracket.” The name was inspired by Master P’s then No Limit.”

It should also be on record that “Ali Okpa” now Smash, was at one time, bounced from the group due to his insincererity, jealousy and redundancy when he squandered the money given to him to promote the “Happy Day” joint when it was recorded.
Smash never became a part of the album. All he did was watch Vast Do all the singing and Bistop, the rapping. This was the case in their song “Yori Yori”

Also for the record Vast is not a student Of University of Nigeria Nnsuka (UNN) but due to his complex issues, he keeps associating himself with UNN whereas he is a student of Institute Of Management Technology (IMT).

How The Name Changed From South Bracket To Bracket
At a point the group “South Bracket,” comprised of quite a number of members but in pursuit for sponsorship and consistent rehearsals most members could not cope and had to drop leaving Just Bistop, Vast and Smash.

Shortly after, they met a barrister (and not K barrister according to Smash and Vast) who showed interest in sponsoring the group but was resentful of the name “South Bracket,” because, it sounded sectarian and could affect them breaking into a bigger market. As such, he suggested they answer “OMO,” an acronym for their individual birth names (O for Ozioko, M from Amobi and O from Obum).

This name did not settle well with Bistop who did not hesitate to decline. He changed the name to what it is known to be as “Bracket” today. The Clarification here is, it was not any K Barrister that named the group “Bracket,” but Bistop. The barrister only suggested a name ‘OMO’ which didn’t sound too catchy, but again Vast and Smash Will go around lying about simple facts.

How Yori Yori Came To Be.
To my greatest surprise Smash and Vast who were trained and nurtured musically by Bistop will come in a public to say Bistop doesn’t write songs when the ‘Happy Day’ and almost 90% of Yori Yori Album was written by Bistop excluding few ones that had collaboration.

The inspiration behind the Yori Yori Song was far from what Smash and Vast said in their interviews, there was nothing like the media writing about Bracket and the need to do something different as purported by Smash and Vast.

The Inspiration behind Yori Yori came from P Square and Sam Okposo (Jesus I thank u welu welu) Bistop didn’t just write the song but also conceptualize the beat for Dekumzy,gave it to Vast to sing and did the rap part and of cause Smash as usual did nothing.

How Bistop Left The Group.
Our Dear Vast and Smash had been telling people, pressmen etc that Bistop left the group due to academic pressure, family issue, and inability to meet up with rehearsals, this I say is a blatant lie however, I wouldn’t expect them to own up to their treachery and betrayal.

Bistop left the group as a result of a collaborative effort of Dekumzy, Smash and Vast. Back In the days Bistop Struck a deal with Dekumzy to increase the fees he charges for production so the boys (Bistop, Smash and Vast) with Dekumzy himself could be making extra money as they were all in a complete state of penury, this was the case after every recording when their sponsor pays Dekumzy for production they all share the extra percentage added to cater for their upkeeps things were going on as planned until they recorded Yori Yori.

Bistop, having foreseen Yori Yori as a Banger kept disturbing Dekumzy to Mix and release the song for them so they can start working on promotions Dekumzy kept stalling, then One day Bistop called Dekumzy concerning their normal share of the production money agreed because Smash was broke as usual and Vast was sick with Tooth-Ache and needed to go back to school (IMT) so he put a call to Dekumzy asking him for their percentage on production fees so he can sort Smash and Vast who were desperately in need of money but Dekumzy got angry called Smash and Vast then framed Bistop as being defrauding them and their sponsor, the next thing Bistop was sidelined in affairs of the group, his rap was taking off from Yori Yori, he was denied contact with Smash and Vast, they struck a marketing deal and the album was released.

Well this act of callousness by Dekumzy didn’t come as a surprise package has he had at a time condemned J Martins when Bracket Intended to work with him, Dekumzy described
J Martins as greedy, a cheat and he said Bracket will be risking their career by planning to work with J Martins because J Martins will sell out their song like he did to him (Dekumzy) on his song ‘Treasure’, little did they know perhaps he was discouraging them from working with J Martins so he can keep getting all the production money for their album.

However, the most shocking thing is Smash and Vast who at countless times showed remorse working with Dekumzy, criticizing his works could still connive with Dekumzy and execute this huge heinous act.

The purpose of this publication is not victimize any body but in as much as we go about telling people stories we should try be as sincere as possible because God in his wisdom knows every hiding thing on the face of the earth.

Bistop is not and has never claimed ownership of Yori Yori, though he wrote and conceptualized the song but he has moved on with a personal career, ‘Bracket’ is a past for Bistop,

A new Joint ‘Celebrate’ from Bistop is rocking radios across the nation and tearing clubs apart,
Soon another single ‘Selense’ off the album ‘My Legacy’ will be released.

So to all fans, friends and well meaning Nigerians who has taken time to ask of Bistop, we say thank you in a million times and be on the look out for the album ‘My Legacy’ coming out soon.

Tola Adeogun
Bistop’s Publicist.


  1. umm…the song was great…they shoud totally gt back together…o n did they B guy leave before or after yori yori

  2. Bistop was betrayed after 90% of the album was recorded… but he has moved on now and he is working on his album titled MY LEGACY. he has 2 singles of the album titled !) celebrate, 2) selense check or bistop amobi clement .. He's unstopable

    • it was exquisitely written. go hug a transformer.
      i guess u are one of them boys eating off of someone else’s efforts. Baba God dey o

  3. this is conspiracy, i cant believe bistop. until i see him doin better than this bracket. okay

  4. of course the dude who got kicked out would naturally take jabs at the guys making it big.. just seems like dude had a big ego, and after meeting Vast and Smash… i think they are very grounded young men, and deserve all the success they are seeing… bishop, just acting like 2pac! lol.. stop hating son..

  5. I dnt bliv any of dese…I’m a final year student of unn and dose guys graduated frm unn. Dey were constantly picked on by lecturers cos of hw famous dey r evn dou dey were given special treatment sumtyms…so I dnt understand y all dese bad publication about dem. This is defemation of xtEr n dis so called publicist can b sued for it. Bistop should stop being pathetic n help himself. Mtcheeeeeew

  6. Bistop was not clear in his mind,if he is claiming that he composed yori yori then he should write other musics and sing more than the recent bracket. Bracket is the best in Nigeria bear witness with me,and also I really need to see those guys thank you

  7. The message is so clear and in a logical manner such that a blind and dumb man can read and understand. prove yourself how good you’re in English. Can’t wait to read your master piece junky ass hole.

  8. Well, I just found this and as much as I know it’s the truth but another thing was bistop was so proud of himself and constitute a threat to the records. The sponsorship had to drop him to avoid so much questioning on how the label’s proceeds are shared.

  9. and for years now I’ve been saying Bracket is the coolest and the long lasted group ever without separation on like psquare did


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