The Flyest: Alapomeji ZARA



The Friday Fashion Fix is back at you again! So I ask, –in my best Wendy Williams voice– How you doing!?

So while browsing Facebook, I came across photos from the video shoot for the song “The Flyest“. The hot new single of Alapomeji’s newest addition to the family, ZARA. Miss Toni Payne was the Executive Producer, while Nkei of one3snapshot provided the clothing (which I LOVED!), as Tossie of Cocoacentric styled the artist (and did a helluva job, in my opinion). Check out my two favorite looks from the shoot!


First off, three snaps for one3snapshot and Cocoacentric for a job well done with her wardrobe. Since I’m a lover of color, that is one thing I couldn’t get over, THE COLOR! The blue ankara bubble skirt topped with a graphic tee and beret is such a bold look definitely complimented the song itself. As far as make up, I can dig the the gold shadow, metallic blue and red lip. Peep the earrings, too, GENIUS!


Another look in ankara that I thought was nothing short of FABULOUS! The embroidery on the front of the blouse is what I love most about it. Then you have that tantalizing blue color on her lip that make them pop against her skin and compliment her gold eye shadow. And those hoops! Don’t they remind you of the ones from the movie Coming to America? I am definitely getting myself a pair!

So do you love it?

(The video is set to drop soon so once it does be sure to check it out here at We’ll have it hot and ready just for you!)

Thanks to Toni Payne for posting those pictures, I’ve been inspired just looking at them! And yes, one3snapshot was featured on Jaguda so check out the BUSINESS FEATURE to find out more about them! Or go to for your viewing pleasure.



  1. TAG, you can find those earrings on the streets on NY any day of the week. Just look out for those african jewelry street vendors.


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