Tekno Finally Shares Debut Album, “Old Romance”


With almost a decade of solid hits under his belt -as performer and producer -many will be shocked to discover that Old Romance, the new album from singer/producer Tekno, will be his first official body of work.  

But while that fact may seem difficult to wrap one’s head around, this album in its parts and its entirety couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Described as an ode to traditional, simple love, Old Romance dives head and heart first into a classic Nollywood-Esque romance, inspired by “stories of our ancestors, that will ignite a generation that seems lost on love, to love again”.  

In a time as challenging and unique as this, where people are trying to find moments of positivity and joy, and work their way back to love, Old Romance presents a palate cleanser; an opportunity to escape, no matter how briefly. 

Much like the classic tale of boy meets girl, Old Romance tells of the romantic journey of two young lovers, from the moments they first cross paths; through their inevitable challenges; all the way to the other side where they celebrate their wins and celebrate their love. 

Old Romance wants to offer its listeners a feel-good journey through love’s peaks and troughs. It wants to lift the mood and offer itself as a soundtrack to the highlights of our lives. In many ways, it stays true to that path and gifts its listeners a light-hearted, easygoing ride through a Nollywood-inspired love story.

Enjoy below.



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