Teeto – I’m ILL, You’re Not My Girl & Feel Da Vibe feat. WizKid


Freshboy Entertainment & Sound City Blast present Teeto Ceemo’ss long awaited MixTape, Da Freshness. The CD is not for sale and will be distributed along with each copy of the next Sound City blast issue. Check out more info on Teeto, and his biography:

Teeto was born in October 22 1982, he’s interest in rap music came about from hanging around with his older brothers who were major hip-hop lovers back then in the late eighties/early nineties. His love will eventually grow to the point where he took the bold step from just being a hip-hop listener, to an aspiring rap star.

He started rapping in the mid-nineties in secondary school after coming across rising hip-hop acts BIG and Jay-Z who would then go on to be his biggest influences. By the time he got into University in the year 2000, he had pretty much mastered the art and would eventually have to prove himself in order to gain the respect of his peers and other aspiring rappers such as himself.

Teeto had developed his style by grooming himself in the art of freestyling which was the foundation of the great rappers he looked up to such as The Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes to mention a few. He will then go on to be recognized as the best freestyle battler during his time in UNILAG.

In 2003/2004, Teeto compiled his first mixtape “BAD GUY MIXTAPE Vol. 1”which was a 12 track cd he made for himself, burnt it from a laptop and sold to his friends. It eventually sold over 700 copies in Unilag (the laptop practically packed up in the process) and was played on Unilag Fm & Eko FM and Teeto was known as a lyrical genius on campus and around Lagos. After this, he went underground for the remaining period of his stay in Unilag in order to focus on graduating from school.

After his graduation in 2007, Teeto kept pursuing his dream as a Rapper becoming a regular performer at WAPI (an event Hosted by the British Council) and was rewarded by serving as a back up artist to one of Nigeria’s greatest veterans in the industry “Weird MC” during a few shows. By the end of the year 2007 his reputation as had began to spread.

In early 2008, he stumbled upon the Channel O/Sprite Emcee Africa competition audition where he was one of the last to audition but as fate will have it, he not only got selected into the competition but emerged as Nigeria’s Champion and ended up representing his country at the Finals in Johannesburg South Africa. He faced stiff competition from other countries like Ghana, and Angola and eventually came out a runner up. Though Teeto did not become Africa’s champ, he definitely left a major impression in the heart of South Africans and many other viewers. While in South Africa, he performed with the Likes of South African rap star HHP as well as American Hip-hop act Wordsworth. He was absolutely appreciated by the audience.

On returning to Nigeria, Teeto took some more time off the scene to grow from being just a freestyle battle rapper to a full fledged artist. He kept on making records and short listing records until he found his master piece. In the process of all this, he was still getting noticed for his lyricism, wittiness and flow and was finally reached out by Knighthouse Entertainment to record a collaboration track for their debut album “Street Scriptures Vol.1”. The Track (Da Finest – (Won Beri)) was recorded alongside Sauce Kid and Mo’cheddah and today is regarded as one of the biggest tracks to ever emerge from Nigeria in 2009 topping Radio and TV charts across the nation.

As Da finest continued to gain more and more success, Teeto was able to come up with his own debut Single “Oshamo” which was a good follow up for him. The track got good radio rotation and enjoyed heavy rotation on TV while still in the process, topping the charts. It has remained on TV for a long while and is still enjoying rotation presently. The track was released under his newly formed record label “Freshboy Entertainment” partnered with his manager.

At the moment, Teeto is back in the studio working on his debut album and making his second mixtape scheduled for release in the first half of the year, with the album to follow by the end of the year.

Check out tracks from his upcoming mixtape

*** I’m ILL ***


*** You’re Not My Girl ***


***Feel Da Vibe feat. WizKid ***



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