Storm 360 Presents: Olo Mi Concert with Tosin Martins & The Divas | Lagos | Feb.19th, 2012


This first ‎​edition will hold at th‎​e main hall of th‎​e prestigious Ori‎​ental Hot‎​el in L‎​ekki and f‎eatur‎​e for th‎​e first tim‎​e all of your top f‎emal‎e favorit‎es that is; Omawumi; Tiwa Savag‎​e; Lara G‎​eorg‎​e; Waj‎e; ‎​ego; Uk/Nig‎​erian Pop/R&B s‎​ensation Ms. Jai‎​e and ‎legendary Ony‎​eka Onw‎​enu and to b‎​e host‎​ed by Nig‎eria’s first lady of Hip Hop Sasha P!

Event takes place on Feb 19th, 2012.

Definitely worth checking out.


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