Songs By Two ALUU4 Murder Victims: Big L (Lloyd), Tipsy (Ugonna) – Follow Me Dance + Rap Retribution + Heart Of The City


It burns my soul the way we lost these upcoming talents who were brutally killed in Aluu Community recently. BigL and Tipsy were the future, it’s so sad. They were working on a joint mix tape together titled “TRUTH” and these were the two tracks they were supposed to release before this sad incidence. They may be gone, but their music lives on and their voices must be heard. RIP #ALUU4

Follow Me Dance

[audio:|titles=Folo Me Dance ft Gentle]


Rap Retribution

[audio:|titles=Rap Retribution ft Forbs Zhilah]


Heart Of The City



  1. So sad,after we lost dis great acts,we started to hear their songs #you dnt have to bé burnt to get noticed.aluu-iv

  2. It shall nt be well wit d kilerz of diz great talentz.woo unto ur generation for d lord shaLl fight U̶̲̥̅̊ people himself. I wish am d president, I would av finish d whole of aluu

  3. I wonda wen ds great country wl change 4 gud, 4 handsome boiz just went dat way, n no 1 in dat community 2 come or call 4 rescue. Aluu is a caused land,nofin gud wl eva happen in dat land again. The sin of ds young lads wl be upon d killer of ds 4 boiz. R.I.P Boiz

  4. But I wan start wit saying Fuck u to jaguda and crew! I know u uploaded diz witout billing any1 cox they are dead, diz song has been online since but u scare upcomings wit bill…fuktart!! Big fuck u! RIP to my hommies #sad

  5. It’s really sad….
    I bet these boys must have gone round radio stations/music websites to ask for promotion for their songs and gotten none.
    Now they’re dead and suddenly their songs are everywhere.
    Please let us have a rethink Nigeria……..
    Grandma sick and unattended to in the village while you lounge in town then as soon as she dies you throw a multimillion naira burial ceremony….
    Lets have a rethink o!

  6. cruel minds of men, so u guys of think its beta now to upload their song, u think it will do u guyz more good to get more downloads and visits off the hype of this dead dudes…. R.I.P guyz,


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