Shuga Band Asks – Who Needs A Limb? [Reaching Out To The Disabled]


Nigeria’s foremost band, Shuga Band is looking for something unusual. The band which had played for high and mighty in Nigeria and beyond is in search of people without limb or limb challenge through its foundation, Shuga Limb Foundation (SLF).

Just like the saying goes that he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches, Akin Tofowomo the leader of the band, who suffered polio attack at age five is reaching out to physically challenged people in limb area either through polio or accident and giving them hope through SLF.

Speaking on the activities of the foundation, Mr Tofowomo, who is popularly called Akin Shuga, a name he derived from his soar-away band, Shuga band, said, ‘Having gotten so much from the society, gotten so much from those who were so willing to be there for you as a child growing up with polio, I feel for those who don’t have that same pedigree or luck as I had. So the essence of setting up this foundation is to be able to help the less privileged who have lost it in life just because they don’t have an assistive gait.

SLF is funded with 30% of what Shuga Band makes and donations from those with caring heart. We have been doing a lot since the foundation was launched in 2007 but we have challenges of information and funds. Though, we’ve been funding it with certain percentage of what the band makes, we could do more with more funds. For instance we can build a factory here that makes quality and affordable calipers. We could open offices nation-wide educating people on the issues and so much more. I also think a lot need to
be done. Many have money to buy but don’t know what and where to buy. That is something we can fix with education and little bit of assistance. Basically, we need people with limb challenges to come to us and people who
have caring heart to help the course’ he concluded.

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  1. well well well, what can i say? I mean this is totally it! i haven't seen, in recent times, this kind of charity.

    You are a hero to many people!

    Thumbs up man


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