Shakar El Swagga – Any How (Video)


The song has been bumping clubs in Naija for a min. Video is finally out… Check it out.



  1. This one has to go down as one of the most confusing 9ja tunes EVER! No lyrics, no rhythm, no video concept…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  2. EKWENSU are we watching the same video here???cos if we are then maybe u need to get your ears checked or get your eyes seen 2…..mehn this is a biiiiiiiiig tune….nice lyrics,nice beat,heavy video……the track is basically targeted for the clubbing scene…hence the catchphrase "DANCE ANYHOW"…IF U VEX TOO MUCH U BETTER GO AND CLIMB NEPA POLE…LOOOOOOOL

    • Spicy…you might as well gulp down a gallon of bleach or better yet, go "DANCE ANYHOW" in traffic! Im yet to hear a rhythm pattern in this song. As soon as you try to follow a "line of beat" it switches to another one…there's no cohesion whatsoever!


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