Rewear It; M.I.A and H&M Put Out Snappy Music Video To Promote World Recylcle Week


When you think of recycling, you would necessarily think of music and fashion immediately. Well Swedish fashion retailer, H&M, and international music star, M.I.A have made so you connect the two. 

The video for the track, Rewear It, is produced by H&M and the whole idea is to encourage shoppers to return unwanted clothes to brand stores. 

In an interview with Vogue magazine, the British-Sri Lankan said, “If all [H&M] do is go and inspire another high-street brand to get in on caring and being conscious, or if H&M gets criticized for any of their factory processes, these are all good things”

The song will be featured on M.I.A’s upcoming album Matahdatah (which does not yet have a release date at this moment).


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