Review: Vector – Shiga ft. Toolz and Waje


Vector came back with a bang, dropping 2 singles back to back (Shiga and Redefined) before dropping his mixtape, #A7. It’s the sort of thing that makes you believe that he was really putting in some work when he was on his hiatus.

Now I’ll raise my hand say, I initially slept on this song. Something about it didn’t necessarily make me want to listen to it initially, but once I hit play I was pleasantly surprised.

The song is very uptempo so that gives the listeners a little jolt in case they’re sleeping, and lyrically we already know that Vector holds his own. What’s impressive about him in this tune however is the way he’s able to keep it playful mixing Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin and English but still putting in some real lyrics in it. It’s a song that will be a good party tune, and one that could quickly become a dance floor fav with guys toasting babes.

It could’ve done with a little bit more spice though, as I think there’s something missing a bit in the song to make totally infectious. Overall though it’s a nice tune, and it’s jumping in my playlist.



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