Review: Reminisce – Local Rappers ft. Olamide & Phyno



Just a few days after Reminisce went on a lil spill over being called a “local rapper”, he drops a tune with Olamide and Phyno titled Local Rappers.

In terms of the idea of the song, it’s a solid A+. But we all know it doesn’t end with the idea. The execution has to be on point.

The production, beat and use of that sample in the song by Tyrone is dope. The melody and vibe of the song just as nice. [pull_quote_center]However the verses from all 3 rappers on the track left much to be desired. Reminisce, Olamide & Phyno are all dope MCs, but collectively this was not their best showing.[/pull_quote_center] Seemed like a lot of bragging with little about the idea of the “local rapper”. Reminisce held it down the most even if it wasn’t his best ever.

Overall it’s a song that will live in memory for the concept, and the dope beat. It’s also solid enough to enjoy when in the mood. I would’ve loved to see Efa, Morell, Classiq or Morell on it also.

Does it make my playlist? Most def, without a doubt.

Rating: 3.0



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