Review: Phyno – Connect

phyno connect

Am I the only one that heard Olamide’s Story For The Gods when this song (Phyno – Connect) started off? No? Well once I got over that I was able to listen to the song well.

This is completely different from what we’re used to getting from Phyno. I guess he borrowed a singing hat from Drake, and switched it up a bit. For daring to do that I’ll say kudos. It’s always good to see folks switch things up every so often.

The general vibe of the song is good and generally makes you feel very good. However, the lyrics, I’m sorry to say, are very watered down, with random mumblings in between to fill in twhat seems like empty gaps. Lines like “Omini koko miko miko lala o. I hustle everyday just to get the lala o“. I mean… really? And there’s another one like that too.

Once you get over those random lyrical gaps, the song is very enjoyable really. It’s another feel good song to reflect on your success, and thank your supporters, and of course your connect. Best enjoyed with palm-wine and nkwobi while under the influence, and hanging with your day one niggaz.



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