Review: Patoranking – Daniella Whine


Patoranking dropped this hot joint about a week ago, and it’s already creating something of a buzz on instagram with many “#daniellawhine” videos trending. But let’s get into the song itself.

First off the song starts off on a very strong note. If you were having a dull moment in the club, and this joint came on, your first instinct is to start dancing. That’s the purpose of the song yea? The lyrics, or whatever Patoranking was saying is kind of insignificant in a song like this. All we hear for the most part is “daniella whine, bad girl a whine, anabella whine, tracy a whine,” and for the most part that’s what most people dancing will want to hear. The beat? Solid. The end where he calls out different countries only even encourages more whining.

Overall this is a song that was created for one reason, and one reason alone. To whine, and for the most part it does that. I see this becoming a club hit, more especially this holiday season and well into the next year.


By @Aribabaj



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