Review: P-Square – Ejeajo


P-Square dropped 3 singles (Ejeajo, Bring it on, Shekini) to pretty much explode social media last week, and got a major reaction from all their fans across the world. The single I’ll be hopping on however is the one that got the most buzz. Of course because it featured ATL’s own King Of The South, TI.

One thing you can count on when it comes to P-Square songs (lyrics more especially) is simplicity. They never complicate things, and it’s one of the reasons why their songs have mass appeal. You don’t need to think too deep to sing along or understand what it’s about. It’s been their winning formula since their “Last-Nite” days and they haven’t strayed too far from it.

That being said, this new song Ejeajo is as cheesy as they come lyrically. With lyrics like “We go to US, Nigeria, Korea-Ghana, Peru, DJ turn it up… / We go bazuka, we super, we no dey tire…” you can’t help but shake your head when you’re listening. The production and beat is solid, and there’s something ‘Justin Timberlake-ish’ about it which works relatively well. On TI’s part, he did exactly what he was supposed to do – Deliver. You can argue that he’s got the best part of the song, and for me personally it’s the part I look forward to.

After all is said and done though, will this song be a hit? Maybe. The P-Square brand, the solid video and having TI on the song will be enough to give it some ginger. But will it be a song we’ll be looking for in another year or so? I highly doubt it. An okay song overall.


You’ve seen my rating… Now let’s see yours. Drop a comment and rate the song out of 5 stars. Peace.





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