Review: Olu Maintain – Cinderella ft. 2face Idibia


The first thing that struck me about this song,  Olu Maintain – Cinderella, was the sample of Peacock’s Highlife Band’s Eddie Quansa. It seems like everyone is grabbing something from the song all of a sudden.

It sets a very familiar tone for the song, but after that initial feel good factor of the song, it kinda fades a bit until we get to yet another part that’s sampled (Victor Uwaifo’s Guitar Boy). Lyrically there’s nothing really catchy about it when you take away the recycled lyrics from Victor Uwaifo. 2face Idibia’s lyrics was the bright spot there however.
The beat of the song by Kenny Wonder is not bad, and carries the song well. Keeps the song pretty interesting.
Overall, the song is a combination of very popular old school songs, but really doesn’t offer anything new per say. It made me want to go back and listen to the Peacock band, and of course Victor Uwaifo, but I’m not sure I’ll be remembering Cinderella much after a few listens.
Not bad, but nothing special.


  1. to God i dnt knw y i always download ur songs!! in a yr u upload thousands of rubbish u call dem songs. na only diz kinda songs 9ja guys dey sing nw?

  2. This is the reason I never step my foot on jaguda… The person that wrote this review should be shot and shot all over again…. Complete ignoranto


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