Review: MC Galaxy – Sukus


Happy Monday my people! I’m switching up the review style starting this week, and will be reviewing each song in its own individual post. I’ll still be posting 2 review but they’ll be seperate posts on the same day. Why? It gives you guys the opportunity to vote on a song by song basis on what you think your review is. Trust me you’ll like it eventually.

So let’s get to it, shall we?


Singer/Comedian MC Galaxy struck gold with his single Sekem, and it’s been the go to african dance track the whole year. It’s very familiar but very different at the same time. It worked like gang busters, and we all love it.

His new single however, Sukus, has shown exactly the problem I have sometimes with our music. First off, the name Sukus is so similar to Sekem (I shouldn’t be worried but still…), and then the idea of the song pretty much stays the same, and the lyrics are as bare bones as you can get (If you Sukus for me, I go Suku for you, She wan lick my bornvita). Where’s the originality or rather the growth, or the zeal to switch it up a bit even if you stay in the same genre.

That being said, songs like these tend to still find their way into DJ mixes, and might still get its spins at your favorite joint, but it wont be one we’ll be rocking to for long. Sekem – Yes, Sukus – Not so much.

Maybe the next single will be Sakas.


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