Review: Mavins – Looku Looku


It’s been a while since I did a review on here. And by a while I mean a couple of weeks, but I’m sure I’ll be excused. Let’s not waste time on apologies tho.

This week we’re jumping on a track by one of the hottest labels out right now, The Mavins. With arguably the song of the year Dorobucci, and hot tune Adaobi, Mavins decided to try out this group jam thing once again with this new joint, Looku Looku. This time though, I can’t say it has the same effect.

The beat is not very Don Jazzy like but it’s decent enough. It has a very reggae vibe to it, and is catchy enough to grab the attention. Besides that it’s hard to make out anything else that stands out from the song. The lyrics from everyone seems to just go by as very generic, and nothing really sticks as the go to line. The chorus is really the only part of the song that leaves an impression, and maybe DiJa’s part.

Finally the song is OK at best. It wont be the song we’d be remembering the Mavins for in 2014. Especially after giving us smash hits earlier. It doesn’t make my playlist for now.


By Aribaba (@aribabaj)


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