Review: Lil Kesh – Is It Because I Love You | Different Style But It Still Enter


Lil Kesh has been arguably the highest rated rising star since the beginning of 2014, and for good reason. When you have one of the biggest hits in a year, and 2 other strong hits, you become very hard to ignore.

In his new joint, Is It Because I Love You which features Patoranking, Kesh goes in on a different style from his other more energetic songs in Shoki, Efejoku. This time it’s more laid back and more about matters of the heart, but it’s not any less enjoyable.

The production from Young John, and Pheelz is good enough to hold the attention, but what really sells this song is Lil Kesh’s lyrics and chorus. Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for keeping lyrics simple, enjoyable and most importantly, understandable. You don’t need to have passed Jamb to get everything lyrically from this song, but it still tells a story and means something. Patoranking also added his own spice to the song to give an extra flavor and prevent it from getting monotonous.

It might not be as infectious as maybe Shoki is, (i mean which song is), but it’s still a hit in its own right. It’s been on replay since last week, and something tell me it’ll be that way well into 2016. That hook is just so easy to go with… “Is It Because I Love You, Is It Because I Care”




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