Review: Legendury Beatz – Oje ft. WizKid


Legendury Beatz and WizKid teaming up is not anything new per say, but anytime they team up they often bring something special to the table.

On their new track, Oje, the brothers from Legendury Beatz do what they’re very well known for, and that is put out a hot beat. As with the latest trend of producer/artist collabos, the idea of the track is to showcase the beat more than the lyrical content which comes secondary.

That being said, the lyrics still do have to be solid enough to make the song more enjoyable and WizKid didn’t necessarily bring his ‘A’ game. Lyrics were pretty much recycled stuff we’ve heard, and even worse some of it was a rip from Tekno’s Dance (If I dance, you go dance…. If I dance, oje lo je). Nothing wrong with borrowing a line or 2 but this one just didn’t sit too well. That being said WizKid does have a funny way of making the simplest things sound very nice, and in many ways it’s what makes him unique.

Overall it’s an okay song, and it’s catchy enough to stick around, but not what we’ll be remembering in a year’s time. The beat from Legendury Beatz keeps you engulfed in the melody and vibe, and in a funny way, the familiarity of that Tekno’s line makes the song a bit more enjoyable albeit ripped.





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