Review: Kiss Daniel – Laye


Kiss Daniel had been riding off the high of his 2014 hit, Woju, but we were all waiting for what the follow up single would be, and then came, Laye.

Kiss Daniel might have found a winning formula with DJ Coublon, and the two again combine pretty well on this tune. The production and beat of the song, though pretty similar to Woju, is pretty dope and will catch your interest immediately (We’ll let it slide this time). Lyrically, there’s nothing so ingenious about it, but also nothing bad there either, and the melody and chorus is catchy enough that it’ll make you hit the replay button.

Overall, it’s a good showing from Kiss Daniel, though it sounds similar to Woju. Is it a monster hit? I’m not sold yet, but iIt’ll do well to keep his buzz going, and based on his popularity will also stay in rotation for a while. For me, it’s a tune I can rock to very well.



  1. Djruffee na today i know say u be beginner for music,No wonder ROUGHT dey part of ur name, U see sweet music and u said it can never be a monster hit. Guy i take God beg u no vex me oooooo. Una don start, bad belle. Song wey no let me concentrate for office, i just dey repeat am over and over and over. I take God beg uuuuuuuuuuuu. Nice song big ups Kiss Daniel. More respect to ur producer. Dont ever change producer oooooooo na advise i dey give u so Kiss Daniel, make u no ever try am. Nice one


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