Review: Iyanya & Diamond – Nakupenda ( I Love You)


Iyanya linked up with Tanzanian super star, Diamond Platnumz for this new tune, Nakupenda. It translates to I Love U in swahili.

On first listen it’s quite difficult to place exactly what the idea of the song is, but after listening a few times, I got the feeling that this is strategic attempt at increasing the fan base of both artists. Iyanya going more continental and Diamond Platnumz continuing his brand building in the Nigerian market.

Now will this work? Only time will tell. However I can say that the quality of the song is good. The beat is pretty generic. The melody is not too catchy, but in the club it will work very well.

Overall it’s another song that will go through its lifespan and fade away eventually. A potential hit for the year but I don’t think it’s a song we’ll remember in 20 months.



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