Review: Harrysong – Ma Meh | Yet Another Generic Dance Tune


Harrysong dropped this new tune last week titled, Ma Meh, and well… we decided to give it a review.

Harrysong has done well for himself with getting tunes that get their share of spins at clubs, and parties, and I can understand sticking to the same winning formula, but after a while there has to be some more creativity put into music.

The beat of the song already starts off sounding like something we’ve heard 1000 times, then the lyrics just have to be about a girl shaking it, or moving in a way that makes “me want you” while encouraging her to do some more. Then of course there’s the classic “Ley-Ley-Ley” sprinkled in. I mean, we have to do better for real.

For what its worth, you can almost guarantee “Ma Meh” will bump in the club sprinkled in with all tunes that sound like it, but will it last long enough for us to remember next year? I’m not quite sure. But for the purpose of club going just to dance, it serves its purpose.





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