Review: Eva, The EP: A Perfect Teaser


Rapper Eva Alordiah presents her second EP, titled “Eva, The EP“, as a teaser to her upcoming album “1960“, set to be released early next year. Eva has been working hard lately, and her recent singles: Deaf, War Coming, and the Deaf remix featuring Olamide and Sarkodie are setting the tone for what will be an album to look forward to.

The EP is comprised of 3 songs, and a spoken word Rendition from Eva herself. There are no features, well except for Rihanna on “Double Double”. She starts the awfully short EP on “Back From The High“, a track on which she speaks her mind on, telling us of her struggles in the industry, and also the beginning of her career. Eva says: “Tell me what you know about life, the one that hits you when you’re back from the high, you think you’re the sh*t, you believe you can fly, till reality shoots you down from the sky” The production on The EP is very good, and this beat is a testament to that fact. The next track on The EP is “100 percent” and Eva makes her mind known to her man, who is not giving her the 100 percent attention and appreciation she deserves. On “Double Double” Eva complements yet another dope instrumental with her sublime flows that make her arguably the best female rapper in Nigeria.The EP draws to a close on “Eva Says 14”, a spoken word rendition, with Eva flaunting her poetic and writing skills.

It is my own believe, that Eva will soon stand toe to toe with leading female rappers abroad, if she becomes more consistent in putting out more work. If this EP is a sign of things to come, then we are in for a good album from Eva next year. The songs on the EP are quite good, although I suspect Eva gave us songs that didn’t make her album under the guise of “Eva The EP”…maybe she did, maybe she did not, but after listening to these songs, I can’t wait for the album, 1960.

This is the perfect teaser Eva, well done.



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