Review: Emma Nyra – For Your Matter


Emma Nyra has been the first lady of Triple MG for almost 3 years, and has repped that position very well, but in terms on a major hit track hasn’t really had something that can catapult her to major star status. Her new single, For Your Matter, is one step closer to achieving that.

In the first 10 seconds of listening to the song, you can already get the sense this is a bit different from the norm we’ve come to hear from Triple MG. The slow reggea sounding beat and melody is complimented very well by her soft voice, and calm delivery. It’s a complete contrast from the high tempo, somewhat loud music we here a lot these days. The lyrical sample from Amerie’s One Thing make the song sound familiar and that only does well with listeners. The rest of the lyrics are good enough to carry the song.

On the flipside, the song does kinda monotonous midway through the song, and one could get so used to the pattern that you can get lost. It almost seems like it stays on the same level and doesn’t hit a peak point.

Overall though, I like the song, and I can rock with it. Mega hit song? Not so sure, but a good song nonetheless. It’s a tune for the later part of the club night.



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