Review: Davido – Owo Ni Koko


Happy Monday people! We’re kicking off the last week in November with a review of Davido’s new song, Owo Ni Koko (Dance Like Jackson). Let’s get into it.

On the first listen quite honestly I was kinda confused as to where to place this song. One on hand it sounded very sluggish and drab, but then as the song goes on it sounds pretty cool in a laid back, “not trying too hard” type of way. And somehow it works out well. It eventually does grow on you.

Lyrically it’s actually pretty good for a club track. What more can you really expect from a club tune besides girls, money, and the likes. It’s not the same ole recycled lyrics as I would’ve expected. The production is solid, and the feel-good factor about is good enough.

Now whether or not it’ll be the one of the highlights of his career is yet to been, and I doubt it. But for now, it’s OK for us to rock to right now. Nothing fantastic about the song, but nothing really bad about it.




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